The Tokyo Olympics that were to happen in 2020 now have a new date



The new poster for this year’s olympics.

The Olympics is a sports festival that takes place every four years, with winter and summer sports in separate years. It’s also a sign of world peace as it is held internationally.

The Tokyo Olympics that were to happen in 2020 have now gotten a new date. The 2020 olympics were postponed because of the Covid-19 outbreak but recently after a video conference a new date has been released.

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics will start July 23, 2021 and go until August 8 2021.

Muto Toshiro, the CEO of the Tokyo games, explained that the decision on whether spectators from abroad would be allowed would be made prior to the Olympic torch relay.

Despite this, it’s very likely that fans from abroad won’t be allowed to attend the ceremonies. Japan has had around 8,700 deaths due to covid-19 and seems to be handling the virus better than other countries.