The possible extinction of bees


Lian van den Heever

A photo of a bee getting nectar from a yellow daisy.

When you think about bees the only thing that may really come into your mind is a yellow bug who has a stinger. But there is way more to that. Without bees, our ecosystem would get messed up. The birds who would eat bees would soon die and then their predators would die too, since they can’t eat the birds. Its all a chain reaction.

But the real question is: How are bees going extinct and how will it affect us? Well, it could be many reasons as to why their population is decreasing. One main reason may be due to climate change. Now, climate change is a huge factor because during the spring its a huge time for bees to get pollen, but due to climate change its hard for them to find the pattern that let’s them know when its spring time. So when that pattern is broken due to climate change, it messes up their cycle and they get less pollen, which they need to survive off. And with that, how does it affect us? It affects our food chain. Bees play a big part in our ecosystem. They pollinate our plants, which is what makes food production actually possible. So just think about a world without bees. Not only does it mess up our ecosystem, but our livelihoods and food supply too.

Now there are obviously more reasons as to why bees are facing extinction. And that’s also due to habitat loss. According to an article called “Endangered Bees,” it says, “This means that many trees will be cut down to allow space for construction sites. Honeybees need large trees and with deforestation there are not many trees where bees can make their home.” This tells us due to us humans cutting down areas where trees are located at, it causes a huge part of the extinction threat for bees. If we keep this up, sooner or later, there aren’t going to be more trees or areas where bees could nest and make their home.


10 Ways to Save the Bees

How can we help? Well first, we can always plant a bee garden. By planting a bee garden, we canย  create a habitat for them that provides them with plants that give them the nectar and pollen they need. We can also go chemical-free for bees. The Bee Conservancy states that, “Synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and neonicotinoids are harmful to bees, wreaking havoc on their sensitive systems.” This means that, if don’t use those types of chemicals on plants, these plants would be more Bee-Friendly for them.

There are so many ways to start to save Bees. We must come to the realization that bees are more important than we think. They play such a huge part in our lives, and the ecosystem as well.