Finish Him!


Mortal Kombat.… There have been many reboots in the movies and now there has been a new reboot. However, this time the movie is taking some lore from the games and making new lore for the new movie.

If you’re new to this world of fantasy then I shall give a brief summary on how most of the movies go. There is this big tournament that happens with all realms and most of the time one of the realms has nine wins in a row (excluding the Earth realm). If a realm gets ten straight wins in a row then that realm can choose what place they can take over (they usually want to take over the Earth realm). In most of the movies the plot is that the realm that already has nine wins in a row would try to break the rules to get the last win.

So in the latest movie it pretty much follows that plot where the outer realm has won nine times and they are trying to break the rules by killing the fighters of the Earth realm before the tournament starts. This leads to the Earth realm protector named Raiden trying to protect the few fighters left while also training them so they actually have a chance to even win a fight.

Each of these fighters has a mark that is a dragon on their skin and our main character named Cole Young has been an underground fighter to barely pass through with life. Later on in the story there are five fighters, including Cole Young, that are training under Raiden guidance.

There is much more information inside the movie; however, I want you, the reader, to watch the movie to be fully immersed inside the story.