“The apocalypse is still on”

(Warning: The show I will be reviewing contains some mature events so I recommend watching this show if you are 15 or older. If you’re under 15 years old I suggest asking for parent permission.)

Don’t have anything to watch this summer? Well, The Umbrella Academy is a great show to watch. It has action, superpowers and a lot of adventures. There’s also a plot twist at the very end which makes the show much more interesting and great to watch. The show also has some funny scenes which I think makes the show better.

The show is about 43 kids, all born on October 1 and born at random all over the world. None of their mothers were pregnant, which is weird, but we later learn that these kids were born with superpowers. A man named Sir Reginald Hargreeves bought seven of these babies. Reginald trained these kids and taught them to use their powers to defeat the evil. He named the group “The Umbrella Academy.” However Reginald wasn’t the best father. He never paid attention to them and only called them by numbers from 1 to 7, not bothering to give them actual names. They eventually get names except for number Five. This was because during dinner he asked his father if he could time travel.  His father denied his request because he said it was too complicated and no one knew the effects it could have on him. His curiosity got the best of him and he ran away from his home. He started jumping years into the future until he reached the apocalypse. He attempted to go back but he couldn’t so he was stuck in the apocalypse for a long time.

Their father, Sir Reginald, dies and they all reunite after leaving the academy one by one to go their separate ways and live their own lives. During the funeral a portal opens and a little boy comes out of the portal. It was number Five. He explains what happened to him but he also states that they only have a couple of days before an apocalypse happens. Once he came out of the portal and was back with his family, he spends most of his time trying to prevent the apocalypse from happening. Later on with the help of his siblings he thinks he figures out who causes the apocalypse but he didn’t. The person who created the apocalypse was someone unexpected and someone they would have never thought of.

I won’t spoil what happens so you can see for yourselves but just like season one, season two was just as great or even better and a lot happens. In season two, Five manages to time travel again but this time he takes his siblings with him. This causes all the siblings to get scattered all over Dallas in different timelines and Five has to find them to get back to their timeline which is 2019. However many events occur that make season 2 much better than season one like new characters being introduced and new missions.

The show is really good and I even asked my brother Angel what he thought of the show since we both watched it. He said, ”I think it was a good show because the fight scenes were good and new characters were introduced in season 2.” I was also surprised to see new characters but it was nice seeing new people on the show. Both endings were amazing and season 2 left us on a cliffhanger so we would have to wait for season 3. Hopefully season 3 is just as great as the other seasons.

Overall I think this show is great for people who like action and humor. I would recommend watching this show because the storyline is great as well as the characters in the show. They each have different superpowers which makes each character unique.  And to think: there are more kids out there with powers as well. In the upcoming third season, I hope they will show more people with powers.