Avengers: Endgame review


If you guys have watched Endgame, well good. Its a good movie. If you haven´t, you should watch it. But if the movie is too long for you, then here´s a quick review of the main parts of the movie that you should know.

In the movie Avengers: Endgame Thanos has already destroyed some things in the universe including some of the Avengers. The Avengers that are still left want to go back in time and change the future.

The Avengers had created  a time traveling device but only their time is limited. They have to get all infinity stones and come back. The Avengers are split into groups and they all have to retrieve the infinity stones. When they came back together, only some of them had made it back. Then they had other problems to handle. Thanos had figured out what they were up to. And he had a chance to get all infinity stones  at one place.

Thanos and the Avengers have a big fight. But Thanos and his army are winning. They are too much for the Avengers until the other Avengers come out of portals. Then it was an equal fight. But when Thanos and his army were losing, Thanos could not make it to the gauntlet in time. That’s when Iron Man snapped his fingers and slowly all of  the army of Thanos disappeared, including him.

But then the bad news Iron Man was hurt the gauntlet was to powerful for Iron man and he passed away.

So in conclusion this movie was filled with events with action and some sad moments, but overall its a great movie everyone should watch.