Ember Guards

A show I plan to make

Ember Guards

I’m a student who already has her future career set and is ready to work towards it. Most students my age usually still have no idea what to do when they’re older and that’s fine. It means they haven’t found something that matches their interests. I think it’s important to find a job you enjoy and not a job that’s boring and doesn’t have anything to do with your strengths or hobbies. My hobby is drawing. I’ve been drawing ever since I was three years old and have been improving a lot ever since.

I got most of my inspiration for drawing from cartoons, movies, video games, and animations on Youtube. Sonic X, Fnaf, Bendy and the ink machine, Eddsworld, Vivziepop, theodd1sout, and Ava G were some of my biggest inspirations. In fourth grade I had a group of friends and we were huge trouble makers. Their names were Rayvon, Davon, and Valentin. We always sat at the same tables and we would play games after school, mostly Roblox. My mom gave me index cards and glue and with that I created a little comic book of me and my friends going on adventures. I gave the book to one of my friends, I forgot who I gave it to but I lost contact with all of them so I can’t figure out who has it. I did more drawings of my friends but I changed their designs to look similar to our gamer avatars.

Then I had the idea of creating a cartoon about my friends. I changed the names of their characters because I didn’t want their real names to be used on fictional characters and make them feel uncomfortable. So I used the names Jack, Raven, and Dever. They all sound close to their actual names except for mine and Jack’s. I called my character based on myself, Bonnie. My friends told me what they wanted to change about the designs of their characters and I added bunny ears to mine since I had an obsession with animals. My friends got upset and said they wanted animal ears as well so that’s why the characters have animal ears. Then we moved on to middle school and it was up to me to continue the cartoon. 


I finally gave the show a name. I called it Ember Guards. I wanted to create a cool backstory for the characters Bonnie, Jack, Raven, and Dever and I watched Vivziepop’s (a Youtuber) cartoons Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. They were about Demons and the 7 rings and it was very interesting how she turned a mythological story into a comedy. I did some research on other mythological stories and there was one that interested me. A mythological creature called Therianthropes, Humans that take the form of an animal or can be in between, sort of like werewolves. Like Vivziepop I wanted to make my own version and universe for these creatures. During middle school I learned about ways to improve my plan for the show. Investigations, drama, and English were classes that really helped me with my story. I suggest that if you are interested in films or making stories you should really pay attention to those classes, they help with the format of your stories and good ways to describe a scene.

So now I have an idea on their story. A group of Therians named Bonnie, Jack, Raven, and Dever who were once feared and hated by people are now defenders of Ember city and protect people from evil Therians and other villains. The main villain is a Therian named Shard who plans to wipe out the human population and let the rest of the Therians take over. A new villain is introduced in almost every episode and the Ember Guards will be there to make sure no human gets hurt. 

Here I will show some concept art. Some art is not shaded or colored because these designs aren’t their final looks. Concept art is just the idea for the show, that’s why in some of the art there are some different details.


Bonnie is the leader of the group. She has confidence and pride and is very friendly to others. Though she’s kind most of the time she can switch her attitude and become a person that you don’t want to be around, you just have to get her mad or annoyed. She has powerful kicks and jumps that are very useful with distracting enemies and getting away from an enemy’s reach. She also has great hearing and great smell.


Jack is a casual, gloomy person. He seems to be bothered by almost everything but he is actually a really kind and protective kitten, especially when it comes to his friends. He has the ability to run far distances and can throw good punches. He has healing abilities but it takes a while to activate since he has to be in a good mood for it to work. He also sees well in the dark and has great hearing. He is useful for supporting his allies if they are hurt and he is good at fist fights.


Raven is a very joyful person and almost always has a positive attitude. Raven loves company and hates being alone. He is very gullible though and is easily frightened by things. He wears sunglasses because he feels cool and is shy about showing his eyes. Raven can run really fast, has great memory, great hearing and a good sense of smell. He has a powerful bite and has a lot of strength but prefers to not be so violent.



Dever is a mischievous and sneaky person. He’s good with computers and finding any kind of information about a person or organization. He is smug, chill, and understanding. He can get into anything that has a lock, he is a good liar, and has night vision. Dever has gotten in trouble and has been sent to jail multiple times. Dever doesn’t just use his abilities to save people, he uses them for his own needs to get what he wants. So he’s not entirely a good Therian but is useful to the Ember Guards during battle and is a good friend of theirs. Dever doesn’t get in the middle of battle but if he needs to defend himself he will try and hit weak points as best he can. Since he is not an expert at fighting, he usually ends up injuring himself just by punching someone. His hands are very sensitive.