Time flies…

Time flies...

Lizbet Olmos was born in 2002 and raised in South Central. She lived most of her life with her mom. Her life was kinda tough growing up.

She grew up with four siblings, three girls and one boy.

At the age of 15 she met her boyfriend Damian Sanchez, who is now engaged with her. They have an almost-two year old daughter named Vianney Sanchez.

She had her baby at the age of 17 but she never gave up and got her high school diploma. She is now in her last year of college studying to be a radiologist.



LS: Hello my name is Lacey Sanchez and today I will be interviewing a very important person. 


LS: Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?


LO: Hello my name is Lizbet Olmos, I am 19 years old, I am engaged to Damian Sanchez and I have an almost-two year old daughter.


LS: Is there someone who impacted your life growing up?


LO: Yes I would say my mom was the one that impacted my life growing up.


LS: Why did you choose this person?


LO: I chose my mom because she is a very important person to me, she was always there for me and never let me down. She technically made me who I am today and I am very proud of her. 


LS: Do you have any happy memories with your mom?


LO: I remember when I would help her cook, it would always be fun spending time with her.


LS: What would you say you’re most proud of?


LO: I would say that I’m most proud of being able to graduate high school with a baby, getting my diploma and going to college. I am currently in my last year of college studying to be a radiologist.


LS: What would you say is your worst memory?


LO: I would say that my saddest, well worst memory was when I had to leave my mom’s house because I was going to have a child. I still visit her but I really miss her. Or I would say when my dad wasn’t really in the picture and was really never there for us.


LS: Has your life been different from what you thought it would be?


LO: Yes it has, I didn’t expect to move out and have a child at this age.


LS: How did you imagine it to be?


LO: I imagined my life to be more successful or easier.


LS: How would you like to be remembered?


LO: I would like to be remembered as a successful young mother.


LS: If you were to do everything again what would you do differently?


LO: What I would do differently would be to take my school more seriously so I would be capable of earning scholarships.


LS: Do you regret anything?


LO: I regret when I would ditch school. 


LS: Do you have any dreams?


LO: My dream is to help people in the future as a radiologist.


LS: What do you like best about yourself?


LO:I would say I like my hair and eyes the most.


LS: Who are your best friends and what are they like?


LO: I would say my best friend is Hallie, I met her in middle school. We don’t see each other as often anymore because she lives a bit far, she works as well. We still call now and then and see each other whenever we have the opportunity to. Hallie is more like my sister because she stuck beside me and I’m very glad to have her as a friend.


LS: How was your life growing up in this area?


LO: It was pretty chaotic and tough because a lot of things have happened in this area specifically.


LS: What would you say happened specifically in this area?


LO: Well a lot of things like gangs being around, people getting into issues, just stuff like that you know.


LS: Were you ever worried about becoming a part of that reputation?


LO: Not really, I just tried my best to stay away from issues and get involved with bad stuff like that. I also knew that I had to behave my best and stay away from that type of stuff, I’m not saying I was the best student ever but I made sure that well you know, that I was away from that stuff.


LS: Oh wow.


LS: What was your first impression when you met me?


LO: I thought you were really nice and I really liked your personality.


LS: Who would you say is your favorite relative?


LO: Well, I love all my family members equally and I am grateful for every single one of them.


LS: If this were to be our last conversion, is there anything you would like to say to me?


LO: Thanks for being a friend, but also family to me. Always behave and make sure you always try your best to succeed in life.