“Would you wanna be a drag racer?”


Isaac and Brisa Diaz

My brother and sister talked about how their experience at AJMS was good and they enjoyed it. My sister says her experience with Ralph Bunche was good, but my brother says it has been okay. 

They also talk about their dreams such as goals and careers. My sister says she is studying to be a nurse and my brother talks about how he wants to own a car shop or at least work for one.  

Another dream they talked about was the cars they wanted and how they wanted it, as in colors and detailing. 

They also talk about major events in their life, including the good and bad, talking about their education, if they had any at the moment. 



Juliana Diaz: Hi my name is Julian Diaz, and I’ll be interviewing two of my family members. So, tell me about yourself, what’s your name? 
Brisa Diaz: My name is Brisa Diaz.
JD: And yours? 
Isaac Diaz: Isaac Diaz. 
JD: How were your guys experience at AJMS?
ID: Uh- 
BD: You wanna go first? 
ID: Well, I don’t know, sixth grade I did pretty good, seventh grade it didn’t go so well, eighth grade was the best year, yea so it was  –
BD: [ laughs] 
ID: It was a 7 out of 10. 
JD: And you? 
BD: My experience was good. I had cool teachers and made a lot of friends. Umm seventh grade was kinda wack though, because I broke my leg, and I had a cast for, I think an entire semester, that kinda sucked. Um, but yea.
JD: Umm, who were some of your favorite teachers, Brisa? 
BD: Umm, well in the science department, I would say some of my favorite teachers were, Ms. Soto and Ms. Solis, um who else, English I would say Borum and Finer. Um for math, nobody really because I disliked math and then for history Ms. Dampier and Ms. Rodriguez. 
JD: And you Isaac? 
ID: The only teacher I was ever good with was with Finer, so honestly just Finer. 
JD: Um, who, do you- 
ID: Do I still visit teachers, sometimes and if I do it’s Finer. 
JD: Um, how are you guys’ experience in Ralph Bunche, as in graduated, and still attending? 
BD: Um, well my four years were, they went by, they went by like pretty fast, um especially the last year cause it was online, it was also the easiest year cause it was online. [laughs] 
ID: I didn’t even get to experience freshman year- 
BD: I won Prom Queen though.
ID: I didn’t experience sophomore year, and junior year is so boring and difficult. 
BD: [laughs] 
JD: Um, what are some accomplishments that you guys have? 
ID: Um that’s a good question. 
BD: Um accomplishments, I think just like graduating high school and getting accepted into a very impacted program- 
ID: Continuing high school. [laughs] 
JD: Um, so where do you see yourself in ten years? 
BD: Um, I’m probably like gonna be a nurse already, um probably have my own house, probably be married I’m not sure, maybe have a kid, I don’t know, um but yea. 
JD: And you? 
ID: Hopefully, having a car shop, or working for a car shop, or car business, like Dodge or Nissan. 
JD: Yea. 
ID: Not married because Im still gonna be young, maybe a kid, you know, magically one pops up- 
JD: Oh magically? 
ID: Yea magically, they come from heaven. 
BD: Mhmm.
JD: So, what are some major events that happened in your life?  
BD: Major events that happened in my life, um I would say, well do they have to be good or bad? 
JD: Um, any. 
BD: I mean, one major event was just like, being accepted into college, then another one was also being heartbroken when my dream college rejected me. 
JD: What was your dream college? 
BD: I wanted to go to UC Irvine. 
JD: Oh, Isaac how bout you? Major events? 
ID: Um, I don’t have any. I don’t. 
JD: Do you plan on having any? 
ID: Going to college, hopefully, oh graduating high school of junior year. [Inaudible] 
JD: What do you want your job to be? Actually no, what would you spend your first paycheck on? 
BD: Like from a professional job? Like if I was a nurse already? 
JD: Yea. 
BD: Umm, I would probably just save it because I want to travel. 
ID: I’d save 50% of it, and the other 50 goes to a car or car parts. 
JD: What is a big interest that you have in life? 
BD: I like makeup-
ID: I love cars. 
JD: What do you like about makeup? 
BD: Um I just like that you can change your appearance drastically, and you could also use it to like draw on your face.  I really like drawing on my face, for no reason.
JD: Um, what do you like about cars? 
ID: The speed and adrenaline rush. Like going really fast, or having fun in a car, doing races, drag races. 
JD: Would you wanna be a drag racer? 
ID: Oh of course. Yea? Drive for NASCAR. 
JD: What’s your dream car?
ID: That’s a good question, probably a S Chevy, a SS Chevy, or a 1967 Dodge Charger. 
JD: What would you want you first car to be, Brisa?
BD: Um my first car is a 2021- 
JD: Oh yea [laughs], what is your dream car? 
BD: Um I would want a, a Honda Civic, Type R in white, with lime green detailing and LED lights. 
JD: Yea. Um do you see those, do you see those dreams coming true, in any way. 
BD: Yes. 
JD: How? 
BD: Because I’m already working towards them. 
JD: And you, you have any? 
ID: Yea, I’m also working towards them, I mean I don’t know. 
JD: What would be your biggest dream? 
BD: Um becoming a nurse. 
ID: Owning my own professional performance car shop, best dream. 
BD: Becoming a YouTuber, just in case nursing fails. 
JD: Ohhh, hm, well that’s it.