“Back in the day, I was all about sports, school, and just babysitting”


Ilyne Gadea at her high school graduation.

Interview audio

Ilyne Gadea was just 17 years old when she graduated during distance learning. All her hard work has finally paid off. She went through a lot of challenges growing up, and trying to reach her milestone of being successful. Today Ilyne Gadea will be talking about some of her challenges and how she faced them.



Priscilla Corona: Hello my name is Priscilla Corona, I am 13 years old, and I am interviewing Ilyne Gadea, who is my cousin.
Ilyne Gadea: Heyy.
PC: Okay, so tell me a little about yourself!
IG: Hello my name is Ilyne Gadea, I am 18 years old, and I live in Los Angeles California. 
PC: Okay. How was it growing up? 
IG: Back in the day I was all about sports, school, and just babysitting. 
PC: Oh yeah, I remember you being tired of us and just telling us to calm down or some monster is gonna get us.
IG: [laughs] I honestly don’t regret that.
PC: Wow, okay, anyways what obstacles did you experience growing up?
IG: Oo thats a complicated one, I guess the biggest obstacle would be getting good grades. 
PC: And why was that? 
IG: Well, its because it was hard to manage time, and the stress of getting in trouble for not having good grades was another big struggle. 
PC: Do you think your younger self would be proud of you know? 
IG: Well I think she could’ve managed her time better and made better choice because they would affect her in the future, but yes I think she would be a little proud of how I’m now managing my time, and how for I’ve gotten.
PC: Thats really nice. What’s your biggest accomplishment that you’ve had.
IG: My biggest accomplishment is graduating high school.
PC: and was it worth it?
IG: Yea it was worth it.
PC: How come?
IG: Priscilla. I graduated , it’s like the biggest accomplishment I’ve done.
[we both laugh]
PC: Well, that’s why?
IG: because I know that if I set my mind to something I can accomplish anything.
PC: Are you proud of everything you’ve done?
IG: Yes I’m proud of joining clubs and after-school programs because it gave me opportunities to do other things than school. 
PC: is there anything else that you want to accomplish later in life 
IG: Yes, I want to go back to school and become a dental assistant.
PC: And why a dental assistant?
IG: Because it’s just a job I have been wanting to do, and they get a good pay. 
PC: What’s some plans you have or want for your expected daughter/son?
IG: I want them to grow up in a safe area, and have good education and not worry about being … and yeah I just want them to try their best.
PC: Last question, so what would you like your children to accomplish?
IG: I want them to succeed, go to college and not be lazy. I want them to have a good life and I want them to be successful in life.
PC: Aww, Well, I guess that’s it.
IG: Yeah! It was pretty interesting answering your questions, but now I need go because I’m driving. Don’t drive and text kids. [laughs]
PC:  Oh um well bye.