“I felt sad, because I had to leave behind my family and friends, which I grew up with for years, and in that plane I was terrified.”


Karla Garcia

My mom and dad. We took this when we were on a family vacation.

Elizabeth Gutierrez, (my mom) came here from her home country (Guerrero, México) all alone by plane with no money and no other family besides her dad who was waiting here for her.

Coming here was hard for her. She had to leave the place she grew up in, had to leave behind her family, grandparents and friends to chase a dream which started here. 

Nevertheless it was her first time flying anywhere and her first time going anywhere very far alone, she had so many emotions at once. One of the big emotions she had was sadness because she knew she wouldn’t be able to go back to visit her family anytime soon.

It wasn’t until some time after that she met someone special to her and decided to have a family. She came here to give herself and her future family a better life and that’s exactly what she did and accomplished. This is her story, and how a new chapter in her life began.


Sep 11, 2021 New place, New beginnings, new life. 10:20 – 11:20 PM
Lindsey Garcia: Tell me about yourself. Who are you, where are you from?
Elizabeth Gutierrez: My name is Elizabeth Gutierrez, I’m your mom obviously and I was born in Guerrero, Mexico.
LG: So, how did you come to the U.S?
EG: Well, I came in a plane.
LG: Tell me more.
EG: I came in a plane, to be more specific I came here to chase a dream. A dream to get a better life for myself and my future family.
LG: What made you pursue this dream?
EG: The difficulties to do with money back at home with my family, and then again I wanted overall a better life and a new beginning.
LG: That’s beautiful, being on that plane knowing you were leaving the place you were born and raised behind, how did you feel?
EG: I felt sad [silence] because I had to leave behind my family and friends, which I grew up with for years, and in that plane I was terrified.
LG: Why did you feel this way being in that plane?
EG: I felt this way because I was flying all alone and it was my first time flying on a plane anywhere.
LG: Oh, your dad didn’t go with you?
EG: Nope, he was waiting here in the U.S for me.
LG: Interesting, and how was your first day here like, how did you feel, what were your thoughts?
EG: Well, my first day I was feeling a lot of emotions at once, first sad but also happy, because I saw my dad for the first time in two years, but also sad because my mother, brother, and sisters weren’t here. I couldn’t see them anymore.
LG: Sorry to hear that. You were homesick, huh?
EG: Yes very, I missed them and I still do to this day. [laughs].
LG: [laughs] Did anyone help you when you first came here.
EG: Hmm, well really only my dad.
LG: How so?
EG: Well, he gave me a home, a safe place, money, and he bought me things.
LG: That’s nice, how did he feel about you coming here?
EG: He felt very happy because he finally got to see me after a long time.
LG: Tell me more.
EG: Another reason he was happy was because he finally doesn’t have to be alone anymore, he has someone to share stories with.
LG: Wow, and what was the hardest thing to adjust to here.
EG: The language because speaking English was something I’m not used to.
LG: You’re still not used to it [laughs].
EG: Shut up [laughs].
LG: [laughs] Ok, now change of topic, what are your hopes for me Brandon and Karla.
EG: For you guys to finish your studies in school and then get good jobs.
LG: Elaborate, what do you mean?
EG: I just really want you guys to finish your studies, be good people like I raised you guys to be, and to have good jobs to support me, your father, and your future families.
LG: I’ll try [laughs].
EG: That’s all I need you to do, try [laughs].
LG: Been wanting to ask you this, can you tell me the story of how you met Dad?
EG: [laughs] Well…We met in school here, it was actually Thomas Jefferson, we both met while taking English classes.
LG: When did you guys begin to talk?
EG :Well [laughs] after three months of studying there I began talking to him.
LG: What did you guys talk about?
EG: I don’t remember, he looked mean and at first I did not like him because he looked like an [profanity], but after we began talking he actually wasn’t all that bad like I imagined he would be.
LG: Well damn [laughs].
LG: When did you realize you wanted to be with him for good?
EG: [laughs] These questions are interesting, but with time and I mean a lot of time, next question.
LG: [laughs] Ok then, what was I like as a baby, do you remember a time I made you mad?
EG: You always made me mad! [laughs], well not all the time but since you were just a small baby you would cry and cry, the worst part is I couldn’t return you [laughs].
LG: Oh wowwww, tell me more though [laughs].
EG: You were a bit restless and you wouldn’t stay still, we even had to put a tracker on you because you would run off all the time!
LG: Oh yeahh, I do remember you told me that story once, but hey you had to put one on Brandon too, the only calm child you have is Karla.
EG: You’re right, you’re right [laughs].
LG: Next question, what are your dreams for me?
EG: For you to also finish school, keep doing sports, and for you to get your dream job which is to be in the Army.
LG: That’s nice of you to say. If you could hold onto a memory of when all three of us were young, which would it be? And why?
EG: Probably when none of you cried to go to pre-K, you guys are a bit mature for your guys’ ages and all the other kids would cry and hug onto their parents leg and cry, but you guys didn’t and that made me happy because it meant you guys were prepared and understood, it was a type of proud moment.
LG: We didn’t cry?!
EG: Nope, not a single tear but you guys were all a little mad since you had to wake up early [laughs]
LG: Damn, and who has been the most influential person in your life?
EG: My mom duhh.
LG: Tell me more. Why? How?
EG: Well, she taught me a lot, my parents, your grandparents, don’t live together and I lived with her, so she shaped me into the person I am today.
LG: Who is someone you will always remember?
EG: Apart from anyone, my grandma.
LG: Why?
EG: She took care of us and taught us things that I now teach to you guys today, she was also very loving.
LG: That’s good, how has being a parent changed you?
EG: It has changed me completely but I don’t, I don’t know how to explain how [laughs].
LG: [laughs]
EG: ….It has made me more responsible, there you go! It also made me a more good person, I am a role model to you guys.
LG: Yeah from the stories you and grandma told us you did change when Brandon was born, you changed a lot!
EG: Yep!
LG: Ok last one, Who surprised you most out of me, Brandon, and Karla?
EG: Honestly you.
LG: Me? Why?
EG: Well you’re good at sports and you’re committed, you actually like sports and your brother and sister don’t really like it, so when I heard and saw with my eyes the type of commitment you made to a sport, It surprised me quite a bit.
LG: Why thank you [laughs], thanks for sharing all of this with me.
EG: Never again [laughs].