“We used to just chill just eat tacos, carne asada, chorizo, pollo, all that good stuff.”

Brandon talked about what he wants to do with his life, does he look forward to his future, would he chose money or family, would he help people in need and what would he do to change to world if he had the chance.



Jason Reyes: My name is Jason Reyes. I’m thirteen years old today’s date is the eighth eighteen twenty twenty one and I am speaking with-.
Brandon Calderon: Hi my name is Brandon, umm I am fifteen, and today’s date is September the eighteen two thousand twenty one and yeah my relationship with him he is my cousin.
JR: Can you tell me who had a big influence on your life?
BC: A big influence on my life was my mom because you know she was always there for me and um she helped me in good and bad times.
JR: What is the most important lesson that person has taught you?
BC: The most important lesson that this person has taught me is to be a really good person in this world.
JR: Can you describe the most happiest memory you have?
BC: My happiest memory that I have is umm when i go out whit my cousin like Jason you know when we go out to like just chill play basketball or something,
JR: What was one of the most scariest moments inside your life?
BC: One of the most scariest that ever happened to me was umm Halloween. I guess haha I don’t like Halloween, well its alright but I don’t like Halloween.
JR: What are you most proud of?
BC; I am most proud of that I am doing really good in school like I’m doing pretty good.
JR: And why does this make you proud?
BC: This makes me proud because you know like I want to achieve like my dreams and go to college you know  become an engineer or something a constriction worker something.
JR: And how would you like to be remembered?
BC: I would like to be remembered by being a good hard working person in this world and being a good kid.
JR: If this were our last conversation what would you want to say to me?
BC: That I love you and you’re my cousin and umm you really mean, you really like special to me.
JR: If you had people listing from other generations listening right now what would you want to tell them?
BC: I would tell them to be very good people in this world and to respect each other and if you want to receive the same respect respect them.
JR: If you had a lot of money what would you spend it on?
BC: Uh I would buy my mom a house I’ll buy my family houses, cars uh and yeah.
JR: If you has a chance to get ten thousand dollars or help a hundred people which would you chose?
BC: Help a hundred people.
JR: What are some of your hobbies?
BC: I love doing tae kwon do, boxing, jiu jitsu, judo. I like playing basketball and football.
JR: Do you like your school and if you do why is that?
BC: Oh yeah I love my school. It’s a really nice school every one’s friendly over there.
JR: What college would you want to go to?
BC: I would want to go to Stanford or USC.
JR: Are you looking forward to your future?
BC: Yes, yes I am.
JR: What would you like to be when you get older?
BC: Uhh oh I would like to be an engineer or a constriction worker.
JR: If you found a genie and had three wishes what would you spend them on?
BC: Uhh one of my wishes would be uhh for all the poor people to like not be poor and uhh to have a good life, one more right, ahh one more wish would be umm just, just harmony.
JR: This is a hard question but if you were able to save your family or the entire people on earth?
BC: Oh damm umm wait but technically when you said the entire world its considered as family as well because your meaning everybody so then I have to say the entire world which means family so everyone else.
JR: Alright, are you planing to have kids when you get older?
BC: Oh yeah, yes at least three.
JR: How was your childhood when you were younger?
BC: My childhood was pretty good umm know we use to, my childhood was good umm you know, I would go out with family to Islands, Hollywood. Universal Studios. You know I would go out with Jason, my uncle Junior, we would just be boxing like crazy. I would go with Jason, you know, we would go to the beach, you know, remember the beach. We, uh, we would play video games at Grandma’s house a lot. Umm we used to just chill just eat tacos, carne asada, chorizo, pollo, all that good stuff. We also use to um just like chill technically we just had a good time like uh good family, yeah it was a good childhood.
JR: If you were able to do one thing inside this world what would you do?
BC: If I was to do one thing in this world I would like to help people and umm I would like to get poor people get out of poor want to umm just like help all the people in the world feed the poor give the poor houses-
JR: So like end world hunger?
BC: Yeah there you go, world hunger and just help people in general, that’s what I like doing. I really like helping out people in general like its one of the best things I’ve done just like help people in general. 
JR: Umm what is your sexuality?
BC: What?
JR: What is your sexuality?
BC: I’m a male-
JR: No I mean like are you pansexual?
BC: No I’m just straight, there for me, there is no such thing in my opinion. I think if you’re a male you’re a male, if you’re a female you’re a female and that’s just my opinion.
JR: Do you have any favorite food types?
BC: Uhh one of my favorite food types is Mexican food. Straight out tacos de pollo, tacos de chorizo, tacos de asada, umm todos eats bueno its really good and um I really enjoy tamales, you should try tamales, Jason’s teacher’s mole, uh posole right, you like posole, umm you know all this food is really good. I really enjoy especially eating with my family, you know like umm September, no shoot  November, December you know-
JR: Thanksgiving.
BC: Thanksgiving, Christmas, the most fun part to get to spend time with family, you know. Going to church, I really like to go, I’m a Christian so I like to go to Christian church and umm, Jason goes with me sometimes but with coronavirus and all that stuff, excuse me, with coronavirus and all that stuff you know we couldn’t go in a while but I’m gonna start going again and yeah just rally enjoy eating food.
JR: What is your most favorite thing inside this world?
BC: Okay one of my most favorite things inside this world is family.
JR: Family?
BC: Yes why-
JR: Anything else?
BC: Anything else, umm I love my cat, my turtle, my friend I remembered, they were always there for me and like we help each other out and stuff you know and just chill, play, scream, run he umm you know just, just family, family friends you know.
JR: Okay thank you for your time bye.