“Leaving my family for a better future and jobs”


Jimena Castro

In September 2003, Jimena Castro was three years old when she immigrated to the U.S. with her mother, Sara Chavarria. They together went off to get a better life and better job opportunities.

They had to make many sacrifices like leaving their family and friends behind. Which meant that they didn’t have much support. A struggle that Jimena had to face was that she had to learn a new language. She struggled in her early education because she wasn’t able to communicate and make friends since all she knew was Spanish. It took her a while to overcome her struggle and due to her effort and teachers’ support she was able to speak English fluently.

Jimena is now 21, living with her parents and two brothers Javier and Bryan in the city of Los Angeles. She has been living in Los Angeles for 18 years. She is now in her last year of college at Cal State LA and hopes to become a registered nurse. Some goals she wants to accomplish in the future is being able to be financially stable and give back to her parents for all the sacrifices they have made.



Bryan Castro: So tell me about yourself.
Jimena Castro: Hello my name is Jimena Castro. I’m currently attending Californa State University, Los Angeles. This is my last year there and I hope to graduate next year spring 2022 which I’m excited for. I’m currently pursuing a major in Public Health and a minor in Child Development. After I graduate I plan on pursuing my nursing career by attending an accelerated program and eventually specializing as a labor and delivery nurse. During my free time I like to binge watch shows on Netflix and I like to go out for walks with my dog Milo.
BC: That’s good, umm how did the pandemic change you or how did it make you feel?
JC: The pandemic was a very drastic change for myself because it was something I wasn’t prepared for and it was also something very unexpected. Also it affected myself in a way that interfered with my daily routines and it had a crucial impact on my education. The transition from on campus learning to virtual learning was very overwhelming but I was able to push through and finish strong. There were times where I had no motivation and had an anxiety crisis but with the help and support of my family I was able to overcome it overall I feel that in a way the pandemic brought me closer to my family because I got to spend more quality time with them and that’s something we wouldn’t really do.
BC: Mm um what year were you born and where were you originally born?
JC: So I was born on March 26, 2000 and I was born  in Mexico, to be specific City of Mexico.
BC: When you cross the U.S what did you expect and how did you feel?
JC: Well I don’t remember much about me crossing since that took place when I was very young. I crossed the border at the age of three so there is not really much I can remember of. It’s more of the story that I was told by my parents my parents were the ones who took at the decision for me and honestly that’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made made for me because I felt like this country has a lot of opportunity that can help us whether it be in light job offers or even the pay can be better than the country that I was born at. 
BC: About the jobs, what job would you want later in the future?
JC: A job that I want is to work in the medical field so in the hospital. That’s why I want to pursue my degree as a registered nurse but to be specific I want to work with kids in the beginning of life which is why I want to specialize as a labor and delivery nurse.
BC: So you like kids?
JC: Yes, I love working with kids. That’s why I also specialize in a minor in child development to learn about the development of children and I hope for that to later on help me in my career.
BC: What are some goals you want to accomplish later in the future?
JC: Some of the goals I want to accomplish are I want to financially stable and get a job where is something I love to do, which I hope is working in the hospital as a registered nurse and after that I hope to provide my parents with the lifetime and be able to retire my dad so he doesn’t have to work as much. I feel like he has done a lot for my siblings and I so I would like to get that back for him and then maybe in the future also be able to give a house of their own for them to live.
BC: So like a return for them for all the things that they have done for you?
JC: Yes.
BC: Who is someone that inspires you the most to reach your goals?
JC: Someone that inspires me the most are my parents. Everything I do I do it for them and I feel like they are always there for me and always pushed to my highest so I feel like the least I can ever do is get back for everything they provided for me and my siblings and all the sacrifices they have done. Also I do it for my younger siblings which I hopefully can be a role model for them and for them to follow my footsteps and becoming a better person.
BC: What are some memories that you wish you can do again?
JC: Some memories I wish I can do are going back to my childhood memories. I feel like that is something I really cherish is just going back being a kid and not having to worry about any responsibilities right now as a adult specially I feel like when I was younger I had the mentality where I wanted to grow up so fast and I honestly regret that I feel like I would love to cherish my childhood memory one more time.
BC: What are some things you really want to do kinda like a bucket list?
JC: Something I look forward to do is I really want to travel but due to my citizen status I’m not able to travel to places as much so that’s definitely something I want to do in the future and especially going back to Mexico and just visiting my family there, especially my grandparents. I feel like that’s the first place I’ll go since I haven’t seen them since the age of three which is a long time so that is something I look forward to. Traveling and going back to my country to visit my grandparents 
BC: What is something or someone that you missed that you want to go see?
JC: Probably my family since I came to the U.S at a young age I don’t remember much so I feel like it’s just going to be my family just going back and catching up with family because it’s not same as having a phone call or Facetime conversation like I want to talk to them in person.
BC: Well that’s it thank you for letting me interview you and that’s all.
JC: Perfect.