“It is a great feeling helping people.”


Joanna Esquivel

My mom and I having fun on my birthday.

In this interview my mom, Joanna Esquivel, talks a little about herself and how she felt about me learning online during a  pandemic. She also talks about her work and how she enjoys being there along with the importance of having good grades.


Valerie Yepez: Hi my name is Valerie Yepez and I’m here with my mom.
Joanna Esquivel: Hi my name is Joanna. I am Valerie’s mom.
VY: So mom I’d like to ask you some questions: why do you work where you work?
JE: Because I love what I do. I love helping people.
VY: Why do you love helping people?
JE: It is a great feeling helping people knowing that there [inaudible]. We work with [inaudible] pretty much elderly people that you know, they’re ether sick, um they just need help, they’re lonely. It is very nice to know that at some point when someone is very lonely and then they get to go into the facility where I work, at knowing that they’re there for a great time, greeting them talking to them, just a simple “Hi, good morning,” just makes their day, you know. Some of these people don’t talk to other people, don’t have family members, they’re alone, so it’s a great feeling.
VY: So they go there if they need help if they can’t take care of themselves anymore?
JE: That is correct, that it is a PACE program. So it’s kind of like an adult day care.
VY: So like a child day care, but for adults, for elderly?
JE: That is correct.
From 11 min – 15 min in the interview:
VY: How do you feel about me doing online and in-person school right now during Covid?
JE: I mean, I like it. You’re a pretty good student ,you know you’re on top of your things so that’s helpful. I think if you were not on top of your things I think that is something I would dislike right.
VY: I agree I like being on top of my things so I could have more time to myself and do what I want.
JE: That’s correct.
VY: And so I don’t be stressed about “Oh I need to turn this in, oh this is due the next day, oh I didn’t do something.”
JE: That’s right, that’s how I’ve showed you right.
VY: Yup.
JE: Always stay on top of your things, be prepared you don’t leave stuff for last minute.
VY: Yah. 
JE: Unless it happens. You know not everything is perfect, you know there’s times you’re not going to be able to do certain things, even as, even if you want to, but you know it’s always good to stay on top of your things.
VY: Yeah that way [laugh] and that way I have straight A’s and B’s.