“I just feel like I’ve grown and blossomed to something else”


Katherine Lopez is a very well behaved student that does very well in school. In this interview she talks about what college will do to her and what she’s done for college. 

She has always tried her hardest and even took on some challenges. She talks about how school has affected her not only academically but mentally.



Aro Lopez: What is your biggest accomplishment? 
Katherine Lopez: Um, I’d say my biggest accomplishment would be figuring out my major for going to college. I feel like I’ve had trouble deciding and coming up with what I think I should major in [at] college, but recently I think I figured that out, which would be architecture or animation. 
AL: Who do you look up to? 
KL: Um, I’d say our older sister, Cindy, who pursued going to college and has been a major help in doing so, but I feel like I also look up to our other sibling who actually graduated and actually has a degree.
AL: What was your biggest downfall?
KL: My biggest downfall would probably be… feeling like I wouldn’t know about ch- what my major would be or not feeling prepared enough to apply to college or even knowing what to do once I get there. 
AL: What are you most excited about going to college?
KL: Um I think I’m most excited about experiencing campus life, so like… being on my own for probably the first time and like really getting that experience of like living in a dorm, um just managing, um stuff on my own and having my own responsibilities to take care of, I think that’s the thing I’m most excited about. 
AL: What are some challenges you think you will face… in college? 
KL: I think interacting with people and probably making connections and establishing new friends would probably be my- one of my challenges that I will have to face when going to college. I’m not the best at social interactions, as I am an introvert, so I feel like that will really give me a harder time when I’m in college. 
AL: Are you proud of yourself? 
KL: At this moment, yes, because I feel like I’ve come so far with all of the challenges I faced in my life, personal and academically. I feel like if you’re asking academically, I would be extremely proud of myself because I know that I have good grades, my ranking at my school right now, that I’m currently enrolled, is high. I’m in the top one percent so I feel like in general I have good reason to be proud of myself. 
AL: Okay, what about in general? 
KL: In general, I feel like I’m getting there, I’m getting to the point where I’m extremely proud of myself, so far I have made progress but I feel like in general, I’m getting there. 
AL: Who or what gave you motivation to do what you’re doing now? 
KL: Are you asking about college? 
AL: Uhh that and in general. 
KL: Uh pursuing college, I feel like- my parents have been a major source of motivation, my family too but I’d say my parents more because it’s the life they never received, it’s the life they never got to live and experience, so they’re providing me with that life, so I feel like it’s my- not only my duty as their daughter, but as like- a- my goal- my own personal goal to go to college and succeed in life, in general I feel like they’ve also played- [inaudible] my main source of motivation mainly because they’re the ones who gave me life and I feel like- um I feel like it would also be myself because I want a life that I could be proud of that I can feel like I’ve done so much in and just be happy in general. 
AL: Uh so academically you’re like fulfilling their dreams they wanted?
KL: Yes but at the same time it’s what I want for myself to ensure- but mainly that’s because I see that’s how the way the world works, it’s how you succeed, it’s the path that is designed for you to be successful in, so not only do they motivate me to do so but it’s also my dream to go and get a degree of my own. 
AL: What’s a piece of advice you’ve gotten that has helped you academically and in general? 
KL: Academically… and general, I’d say- a quote from my preschool teacher, which has always stuck with me because it’s something that can be easily memorized which is, “Never give up, never give up, try, try again.” It’s always stuck with me throughout my whole life, mainly because it’s easy to remember but because it has such a great message, so whenever I’d reach a low point in my life or when I felt like giving up, I would turn to this exact quote from my preschool teacher and apply it to both my academic life and in general. 
AL: Do you feel you have anything you don’t have to succeed? Or feel like you’re missing something? 
KL: Um, I don’t think I’m missing anything, mainly because I feel like I’m getting extra motivation and support from my family and friends and I have support at school when it comes to like applying to college and I’ve been receiving extra help to help me with that, um in terms of myself I feel like the only thing I’m missing to succeed would probably be to like better myself as a person, but if you’re talking about academically I feel like I’m ready, um I need to get started, I need to do my own thing. If you’re talking about personally then I feel like as a person I could just improve, which is always good. 
AL: Do you think if you were to meet your younger self, she would be proud? 
KL: I feel like, yes, my younger self would be extremely proud of where I am now, because when I was younger I feel like I’ve always wanted to be the person I am now and I’ve always dreamt and [inaudible] was always my goal, to become this person I am, I feel like yes, to answer your question. 
AL: Emotionally, do you think you’ve improved?
KL: Yes, I feel like I’ve come a long way over the past five plus years, I feel like if I were to see- compare myself then and now, I’d see a huge difference between who I was then and how I felt at the time versus who I am now and how I feel now. 
AL: Would you say you’re more happier? 
KL: Yes, I feel like as a person I’ve grown and have improved and has actually been able to meet her goals and standards, and as a person I just feel like I’ve grown and blossomed to something else.