“The first serious career interests I had were architecture and then writing journalism.”


Teacher Carl Finer and his dog Taco.

Interview audio

Mr. Finer is a teacher at Animo Jefferson Charter Middle school. He talked about his life growing up and how he made it in life. He also talked about his experiences in college. he also talks about how he knew some famous people in his life.



Brayan Ramirez: What do you like to do in your free time?
Carl Finer: Free time, haha I wish I had some free time. Umm go on bike rides, watch some Dodger games and play with my dog and go to concerts and explore new restaurants and new parks.
BR: Um, do you play any type of video games?
CF: Not really. Growing up me and my brother used to play a Sega but not really now.
BR: What sports do you like?
CF: I mean I run a lot. Running here for the school, since middle school and running with SRLA we practice three times a week and I usually run at least one time a week with the Boyle Heights Bridge Runners. Sometimes I will meet up with some other groups. In terms of watching games I will sit down and watch Dodgers games and others such as football games now that it is football season.
BR: What elementary did you go to? 
CF: What school I went to, so I grew up in Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio. It was called Lowden Elementary, one block away from my house.
BR: What is something that I don’t know about you? 
CF: That is a big question. What don’t you know about me, umm do you know that I am left handed?
BR: When You were a kid, what did you want to do when you grew up?
CF: You mean like for a career? Umm I mean the first serious career interests I had were architecture and then writing journalism.
BR: What college did you end up going to?
CF: Sure, I ended up going to Syracuse university which is in Upstate New York.  They had a good basketball team. Carmelo Anthony from the Lakers, you know him?
BR: Yea.
CF: Well he was in some of my classes. Overall, it was a good university.
BR You have any kids?
CF: No.