What are eating disorders?


What are eating disorders?


Some eating disorders are physical behaviors that negatively affect you. Eating disorders are a type of mental illness that can cause severe damage to you. There are six different types of eating disorders. These all have different effects. The six are anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, pica, rumination, and avoidant.


Even though eating disorders can be somewhat similar, people deal with them differently. Some may see themselves overweight and either try to avoid or keep eating food in a bad way. While others can see themselves underweight, and try to eat much more or less. As in this being common, the reality of it is just not eating because of how you view yourself.


Some treatments for eating disorders are mostly psychotherapy. This is for treating mental health problems by talking to them. Some other types of treatments are nutrition education , and medications. The treatments won’t physically take it away, but it will hopefully help you control it.


Two of the most common eating disorders are anorexia and binge eating. Anorexia eating is seeing yourself overweight at any cost, even if you’re extremely underweight, so you don’t eat enough. Binge eating is when you eat uncontrollably without any care of the calories, etc. As in references, eating disorders are no joke, nor should they be taken as one. Eating disorders is a huge serious topic that affects you and others.


As eighth grader Paxton Martinez was asked, his opinion on eating disorders was that “eating disorders is something that should be taken seriously and it’s not something to be ashamed about because it’s a problem that’s hard enough to overcome on its own nonetheless with clothes trying to put someone down for having an eating disorder.” He correctly states how it shouldn’t be shameful, instead taken as a problem that at least people have suffered through.


In conclusion eating disorders are no joke and should be taken seriously. Even if it doesn’t affect you much now, it won’t mean it won’t get easier. People with eating disorders worry about food, body weight, and body shape. You get a severe fear of gaining weight. This is the most threatening/dangerous part of these conditions.