Basketball is a popular sport


Basketball is a pretty cool and popular sport that most of you probably know about.  If not, basketball is a game where two teams go against each other and try to score the most points.  They can score points by shooting the ball in the net.  They can score up to three points at a time depending on their location on the court.  The games can get pretty close when the time limit is about to end and both teams have the same score. 

Like in other sports, basketball also has fouls.  You can get fouls in different ways, like if you push someone, grab them, hit, or trip people.  When one team commits a foul the other team gets to do unguarded free throws.  Every shot they make is a free one point for the team.  Sometimes shooters can get up to three free shots depending from where they last were on the court when the other team did something to get the foul. 

According to “HoopsHype” the NBA averages about 1.44 million television viewers per regular season game.  This is up from an  average of only 1.2 million per game a few years ago.  This data was recorded from 2020 to 2021.  During these past years they’ve been gaining a lot of popularity and interest.

According to, ““, people like watching sports because it helps people escape their real world problems and is just a distraction from the world.  The games are also fun to watch because of how intense they can get, like if one team is about to win by a little bit of points.  Games can also be pretty exciting and can bring people together because of their interest in sports. 

Some of the most famous and most favorite basketball players are, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant.  These are some of the most favorite basketball players because of how good they are.  They have also played for so long and have gained people’s respect over the years.  They’ve all played in major league teams because of how good they are and their pure talent.  Some teams they played on were the Lakers and the Bulls.