Green Dot 3rd Place: Human


I have something to say. 

It’s not your typical, “I have something to say” about a situation that most people won’t care for.

It’s about people who are born different, including me.

People like me who experience something completely different than most people, scared for the moment we finally will be accepted but still fearing to come out or being disrespected for who you are. 

I’m a boy, but with the wrong body. 

A boy, who isn’t considered a “real” boy to others because I was born with a female body. 

They’re wrong, completely wrong about that. 

I like boys and girls, but it is still considered a sin for liking both. Being looked as a disappointment or a monster to others for who I am is the worst feeling. 

I’ll never understand why people who are different hate us so much. I don’t understand why people don’t accept others for who they are. 

I don’t need to apologize for being me. 

People need to understand that people are different. 

We all have to love each other as who we are and treat each other equally. 

I’m a boy with struggles. Trying to avoid the harm I know others like me can face: abuse, dislocation, death.

I wish things weren’t like this. 

I hope people accept others who are born differently for who we are. 

I have something to say:  I’m human just like you.