“How They Killed My Father” Review

How They Killed My Father Review

The film “First They Killed My Father” is based on a true story when the Khmer Rouge assumed power over Cambodia in 1975.  In the movie Loung Ung and her family are trying to survive the Cambodian Civil War.  When Khmer Rouge soldiers came marching into Loung Ung’s hometown she was forced to flee.  She left with her whole family, but sadly came back with only her two siblings.  Slowly, in concentration camps her family got killed off starting with her father, getting the movie’s name ‘First They Killed My Father.’

As Loung Ung and her younger sister reached a new camp, Loung Ung was recruited to be a child soldier for the Khmer Rouge. A while later she lost her sister as she was in this camp. She survived and escaped many close calls to death. One being where she had to cross a whole field full of landmines and had nothing but luck and patience as she waited to watch fellow friends die and clear her path.  Loung Ung fought as fiercely as she could and soon reunited with her two siblings. 

As of today Loung Ung is fifty-one years old and thriving. She works on various campaigns to end violence against women, to end the use of child soldiers, and to remove landmines globaly.  

With a 4.7 review on Netflix many people find this movie “amazing,” “so well done,” “phenomenal,” and “an amazing movie I would recommend to anyone.”  Many people love and enjoy this movie and I believe people who are interested in a movie with war and drama, would absolutely love this and watch it. 

‘How They Killed My Father’ is an amazing movie and I would 100% recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have a weak stomach and can handle gore.  If you enjoy real life problems/situations, wars, and survivor movies, ‘How They Killed My Father’ will be the perfect movie for you.