Russo-Ukrainian War

The effects of this conflict


People protesting against the war between Ukraine and Russia.

The Russo-Ukrainian War, a war between Russia and Ukraine that has been going on for eight years, started in 2014. That is according to CNN, as they report on the current conflict of Ukraine and Russia. Russia wanted to take back a part of Ukraine called Crimea, after Ukraine had gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Although, recently on February 21, 2022 this conflict has drawn more attention because Russia escalated the conflict, leaving many people from around the world worried.


Russia had decided to start their current invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Many people are dying, many others are being forced to evacuate, and many men from 18-60 years old in Ukraine are being drafted into war. They are having to leave their family and everything else just to fight off Russia. This is just truly a cruel war that is currently ongoing.


This is all due to the actions of Vladimir Putin, president of Russia. He has ordered his military to attack and invade Ukraine to take back the country. All because he still believes that Ukraine is still part of Russia, this is his motive for invading and it is causing so much harm.


Although besides the bad news there is good news.  There are efforts being made to help support Ukraine and prevent Russia from doing even worse to Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. One of the major efforts that have been done is that Russia has been removed from SWIFT (The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication).


Being removed from SWIFT is major for Russia because SWIFT is a worldwide bank made for executing financial transactions and payments from banks worldwide. This effort has done a lot to worsen Russia’s economy, due to not many people today in Russia carrying cash on them. A majority use things like credit cards or debit cards, which no longer work if they are from banks or payment processors outside Russia.  


It’s not just SWIFT that has made an effort, but NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has also been trying to make efforts to help Ukraine by sending in military equipment to help, which has been a major help to Ukraine because it has been helping them fight off Russian invaders.


NATO is in full support of Ukraine, as well as many other countries that are part of NATO. Not to mention, the entire world is working together such as International companies and corporations have been making enormous efforts to bring Russia down.


These efforts have been such a great success against Russia because Russia is having their military suffer as they lose many soldiers and military equipment, although unfortunately many of these soldiers are not even wanting to fight but are being forced to by Putin.


This is very unfortunate for the souls that are being lost in this war. We beg the question of when will Putin stop? Unfortunately there is no clear answer, we are left with no answers as of now.


But do not fear, there is still so much support coming in to help Ukraine in this war, and there will be a point where this war may be called off or just end entirely. We can do this, together as united nations, we must fight together to stop this war. We have hope! As we would all love to say together, “Go Ukraine!”