Jeen Yuhs review


Jeen Yuhs is a documentary series on Kanye West written by Coodie Simmons and J. IVY and directed by Coodie and Chike. Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) is a 44 year-old rapper from Chicago, and is also now the ex of Kim Kardashian. This weekly Netflix documentary series uses footage going back as far as 1998 when Coodie decided to start recording Ye’s life as he gets into the music industry back when he was only a producer. Ye is now one the most successful rappers and also has a shoe collaboration with Addias (Yeezys). His net worth is $1.8 billion dollars.

Coodie Simmons was known for stand up comedy on the Southside of Chicago before 1995, until a young filmmaker named Danny Sorge approached him to be the host of Channel Zero. In this show, Coodie interviewed many rappers until he was able to meet the Go Getters, which was a group of guys that Kanye West was in. This is where he met Ye for the first time. From that moment, Coodie knew Kanye had potential in becoming a rapper, and soon enough, they both moved to New York and Coodie started a documentary about Kanye West, filming his music life up to his struggles today.

Jeen Yuhs is such a good documentary series. I recommend it to other people. I really like how the producers and Ye were to really capture the struggles they all faced in the music industry throughout the years. Overall, I would rate this film an 8 out of 10,” said my brother, Luis Barajas. 

I would recommend this documentary series to people who are huge fans of Ye and his music because it goes deep and talks about how Kanye struggled in becoming one of the biggest rappers he is today.