Lupin, an amazing crime-drama TV show!

A quick review on the series of Lupin that can be watched on Netflix.


Lupin is a very popular French show on Netflix that was released on January 8, 2021 about a gentleman thief and master of disguise. This show blew up sometime around April. Its genre is crime drama, thriller and mystery. It’s actually based on the book, Arsene Lupin by Maurice Leblanc. We can compare this TV show with something like Sherlock Holmes. 

What I personally like from this show is all the mystery and all the genius ways Assane Diop, the main character of this show, gets out of serious situations in a slick way and it’s astonishing how he learns all his skills from a single book his father gave him before he passed away in a prison. His father was in prison for a tragic injustice, which was him being framed for stealing a diamond necklace while he was working as a chauffeur for Hubert Pelligrini. Since then Assange has held that grudge against Pelligrini.

Hubert Pelligrini is a powerful entrepreneur and one of the richest men in France.

Assane read the book his father gave him constantly. His father had previously made notes on the book, he studied those notes very carefully, and eventually, he saw that his father left clues for him, his father had previously highlighted certain words across the entire book, and when those words were put together, they made a sentence. All this led Assane to interview or talk to a lot of different people throughout the journey of trying to get justice for his father. 

In the course of trying to discover who stole the necklace years ago, this one police officer involved in the investigation, named Youseff Guedira, had noticed something familiar when studying the scene. He was a huge fan in reading the books of Lupin, and he noticed that Assane, who had a different name at that time just to be safe, did very similar moves to the main character in Lupin. He tried pointing it out to the rest of his investigations unit, but, no one seemed to believe him, they all thought he was making it up or he was foolish for pointing something out of a fictional book.

But in the end, he would be the one to reveal the truth, and Assane would soon get justice for his father. 

If you’re interested in this type of mystery or this type of crime-drama, Lupin is definitely a show for you! A lot of details, events and great characters in this small summary were left out, but its better if you checked it out yourself, so you can enjoy it, and get the full story.