School should have more activities


Schools should have more activities for middle schoolers. First, the school district should have sports to do after school like soccer, volleyball, softball and basketball etc. This can help middle schoolers by giving them a healthy distraction from school work. Additionally, this can help their brain to relax from all the school work they do everyday. Also, if students have a hard time making friends they can join and make friends more easily.

Also, schools should have clubs like pottery, graphic design, chess, film club, and art club. This helps because students can explore different things in school and find new talents they have. There should also be clubs to help you get better at specific subjects like math club, foreign language club, and science club. These clubs can help students get the extra help they might need, improve their grades, and perform better in classes.

Students should also have activities where they can spend time with their friends to get closer with them or to meet new people. Activities would also help students just have time to hang out with each other in school because some students can’t hang out with their friends outside of school.  So you can send them on a scavenger hunt to help them use their brain and have fun and to enjoy school more. Meanwhile, the rest of the students can play telephone cup games to pass time and learn how to communicate without phones.

One person that agrees with these ideas is Sophia Torres. She’s in college and she states that middle school activities are important because it allows the student to be proud of the school and the community. Also, she thinks that “middle school activities can impact teens and allow them to engage with other students.”

Additionally, the school could start a book club for students to share with each other what types of books they like to read. Or, they can share books with each other and discover new series or genres of books they might enjoy. However, if they don’t want to discuss books, they can use the place to spend time with friends, help each other on school work, or talk about their problems they have at school.

Finally, schools can make a space for students to create games with friends or classmates. They can have limited items and figure out how to play the game and what design to do. This can help them because it will let them show their creative side and still have fun. But they would also be learning new things, it can teach them to not give up and create things on the spot.