Meet a new teacher at AJMS


Angelina Brede

In this photo Angelia Brede just graduated and took this picture with her friend.

With the beginning of a new school year there have been many new teachers.  One of them being Angelina Brede, who is an eighth grade English teacher. She became a teacher at the age of 22 after studying at the University of Michigan. 

For the first year of university she wanted to major in something that would make her big money, so she chose to study science. She thought that since she got straight A’s in high school it would be the same in college. But, it was the complete opposite and was harder than she expected.

She remembered that she was taking biology, chemistry, and physics at the same time for one semester, but was failing physics because for her it was the hardest class she had ever taken and thought she was going to fail that class. She barely scraped by with a B by getting a tutor and passing the final exam. After that, she chose to switch it up because she liked her English class, so she swapped majors to English. After graduating from college, she took a break over the summer to just relax and take it easy and then started looking for a teaching job. By the time we got back to school for eighth grade, Brede had been hired here at Animo Jefferson.

Two students who have her for class shared their opinions on what they think about her. Uzziel Mateo said, “I was nervous because I was wondering if she was strict.” He said, “I don’t know, she could be strict because I never met her,” and now that Uzziel had her for the first semester he said, “She is very fun, laid back, and chill and is my favorite teacher.” 

Omar Garcia’s thoughts were that,” My first feeling about the teacher is positive because she is extremely kind and helpful,” he said, “because this is the way she acts towards others.” Now that Omar has had her for the first semester he said, “My feeling towards her are positive and I wish her luck next year.”