My Dad’s immigration story

March 27, 2022


Daniel Yepez

My dad came to the United States with his brother Memo. It was a long trip because they had to cross the desert. The only things they had were the things they were able to carry. They had to walk the entire way; they did not have cars or planes to take them because they couldn’t afford it. Most people come to the United States for a better life, job, and future, like my Dad. This was because their life was not that good in their home and they did not make a lot of money.

He lived in Mexico, Sinaloa. It is beautiful, with lots of plants and animals there, nothing like the United States. But the reason my dad left from Sinaloa is because he wanted a better lifestyle. On the bottom, it just goes up to 5 minutes of the interview.


Valerie Yepez: Why did you come to the United States?

Daniel Yepez: To have a better lifestyle and to know the United States.

VY: Did you come with family or friends?

DY: With my brother, Guillerrmo Yepez.

VY: How old were you and your brother when you came over here?

DY: I was 21 and my brother was like 16 or 17.

VY: So you were already an adult and he was almost a grown up but still a teen.

VY: Did you come in a big group over here or in a small group?

DY: I say a small group because it was like ten people.

VY: Why did you want to come over here, you and the other people?

DY: Almost the same reason I have a better life.

VY: Did you not want to stay with your family?

DY: Yes, but I also wanted to have a better life too.

VY: When you left your family to come over here how did you feel?

DY: Bad but this was something I wanted to do.

VY: Your family was letting you come over here?

DY: Yes.

VY: If you went back over there would you still come back over here?

DY: Yes.

VY: What do you like about the United States?

DY: Well yes, I came to work it is what has interested me work and move forward.

VY: So you and your brother came over here to know how things are over here?

DY: Me yes but I don’t know about my brother.

VY: When you came over here your brother was sad to leave or happy to come over here?

DY: It is something sad and happy because we are happy to come, but sad to leave our family.

VY: If you were able to, would you come with your whole family?

DY: It is what someone wants the most to happen.

VY: Since you have been living over here for a lot of years now do you miss your old house with all your family? Yes or no?

DY: Yes.

VY: What do you miss the most?

DY: When we lived over there, my friends, family, work over there things we got used to everything.

VY: How many times have you gone back to visit your family?

DY: Up to right now two times.

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