To the comedy lovers..

From the laughs, to giggles, we all enjoy some comedy every once in a while. But which comedian is best? Well, there are many! However, if you haven’t been introduced to Gabriel Iglesias and Jeff Dunham, I would HIGHLY recommend them. These are must listen-to comedians. These comedians not only have the best jokes, but also many of the best acts. 

To start off, Gabriel Iglesias is an American comedian who is well known as “the Fluffy Guy.” He has even run a Netflix show called “Mr. Iglesias” and has his own “The Fluffy Movie.” In his Netflix series, “Mr. Iglesias” we see some of his comedy shine through as he plays a teacher whose job is to just make school better and help the lower-educated succeed before they miss their chance. In “The Fluffy Movie,” the viewers have a chance to look at Iglesias’s background and enjoy his mother’s chaos.

His success started when he was about 21 years old in 1997. At this point in his life he wanted to pursue this new career by doing small stand-up comedy shows “wherever he could find an audience,” according to Iglesias’s official website. His comedy ranges from parodies, real life events, and personal experiences to random effects! Personally, his comedic skills give a good laugh if you’re looking for one, especially the animated comedy series. I would recommend the real life stories like “the gift basket” or other personal stories of him and his comedic partner, Martin Moreno, and their tours, his girlfriend and his step-son, or childhood stories and how he got through life while having only his mom to rely on. ( Latinos Are Not All The Same | Gabriel Iglesias

This next comedian can also be considered as a ventriloquist. Jeff Dunham is an American ventriloquist, comedian, and actor who has sold out many of his shows! Being a ventriloquist, Dunham has many puppets but five main ones; Bubba J., Achmed, Peanut, Jose Jalapeno, and Walter. His comedy is not very kid-friendly, but more for a 13+ age audience. His inspiration for becoming what he is today was his influence his parents gave him. According to Dunham’s offical website, he got his first dummy when he was at the age of nine.

His success rose so rapidly that he even has won a Guinness World Record for most tickets sold for a stand-up comedy tour for his “Spark of Insanity” tour with “almost two million tickets across almost 400 venues worldwide.” His acts mostly consist of him and his dummies having the most chaotic conversations you would ever imagine. Dunham has a creative sense of how he runs his shows, whether it includes involving the audience and having his dummies interact with each other.