Modern Warfare 2022


Modern Warfare was initially released in November of 2007 as Call of Duty 4. It was a good hit but as the series progressed it got even more popular. With every new game added to the MW series it got a bigger amount of sales. The original MW sold 17.9 million copies and made an estimated $716 million dollars. Now the 2019 remake has made over one billion dollars and sold over thirty million copies. The game that evolved from the 2019 remake, known as Warzone, has also generated four billion dollars.

Here are some rumors about the game.

First before anything else, the maps will be playable in multiplayer mode. Favela, Terminal, Highrise, Shipment, and Quarry are to be expected in the new game. These have been the only leaked maps with all of these being in other games before. Games such as MW 2, Online, COD:4, MW Remastered (2019 version), COD: Mobile, and COD: Ghosts.

A text from a trusted website dexerto states, “Throughout the upcoming game, players will supposedly join US special forces in fighting a “covert war against Colombian drug cartels,” according to a report from VGC. This campaign is allegedly set to ‘feel like’ Red Dead Redemption 2, with brutal realism, gore, and unique death animations.”

It seems reasonable enough to say that General Shepherd and Ghost will be in the game for their major roles in the past.

Just as the 2019 version, Warzone is thought to be being built up from the ground alongside the MW 2022. It’s almost 100% certain that Warzone will have a map change that fits the MW 2 maps just like it did for the MW (2019 Version) and as Black Ops: Cold War.

Lastly but definitely not the least, the release date. It’s expected to drop sometime late this year but due to little popularity in their Vanguard game it may drop early. But quality is always preferred over speed in all genres so it can’t be said when. Warzone is supposed to follow in its shoes and update accordingly to the game some time after its release.

Students who played the last Call of Duty are looking forward to the new game. Students such as David Armenta, Marisol Palma, and Brigitte Ramirez are looking forward to the unreleased game.

David is hoping to have “New optics, a variety of new maps, new skins, and different modes.” Marisol said, “I hope to see new maps and a new engine that will make things smoother.” Brigitte hoped for, “A good anti-cheat that will help against any hackers. Improved graphics with a good story/plot.”