Breaking Bad, a show worth watching!


Breaking Bad is a very popular TV series that first aired on AMC on January 20, 2008 and ended September 29, 2013, consisting of five seasons with 62 episodes in the genre of crime drama, suspense, and tragedy. You can watch the entire series on Netflix. There’s a spin-off series called Better Call Saul which I also recommend and also currently has five seasons.   The sixth and final season begins airing on April 18, 2022. But Better Call Saul isn’t what happens after the events of Breaking Bad. Instead, it’s about the lawyer of Walter White, “Saul Goodman,” who changed his name and actually is named James Morgan McGill, and shows how he became a lawyer and involved with shady people and ends up working for the cartel.

Breaking Bad takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico from 2008 to 2010 and the main character Walter Hartwell White is a chemistry teacher, has a family with two kids and has just been diagnosed with stage three lung cancer. And Walter has a brother-in-law that’s in the DEA, Drug Enforcement Administration. Before cancer gets to him, he wants to earn some money to cover expenses. And with the money he earns he wants it to go to his kid’s college and the mortgage and for cancer treatments. So he enters the drug business and faces challenges along the way then things take a turn in season five.

I chose to review season five because it was the strongest season. In this season everything comes circling back to him. Some episodes from season five that are superb are  ”Ozymandias,” “Confessions,” “Blood Money,” and lastly “Felina.” And the reason these are good episodes is because of how good their plot was. For example, the “Blood Money” plot was so good because Walter’s brother-in-law finds out the truth of everything behind the drug dealer Heisenberg, who’s actually Walter White, and the acting of this episode or the whole show in general was breathtaking.

In an interview with David Guzman, we discuss how strong season five was and the characters and the acting and the whole plot of season five. And I also want to agree with something that David Guzman said: “The scene in Granite State, I think it had a lot of memorable scenes,” because it’s the penultimate episode of the series and things are coming to an end and him and his lawyer have changed identities and moved states. But it doesn’t take long for the world to know Walter and the things he’s done and now he’s on the lookout. 

This is a show I really recommend. It does have some explicit parts, but overall it’s really good if you’re interested in thrillers, suspense, drama, and tragedy. Breaking Bad is a good show to watch and a lot of the characters are really great.