Get ready for the eighth grade trip to Six Flags



All the roller coasters at Six Flags.

After a long time of learning, eighth grade students are finally going to do fun activities at the end of the school year. On June 1, students who have less than 23 demerits (the average number of demerits as of writing this story) and have no F’s will qualify to go to Six Flags. Six Flags will be a fun and an important event to appreciate all the eighth grader’s hard work over the year, especially after all the testing they had to do. Students who qualify will be able to hop on fun rides and eat.

Six Flags will be an all day event and will be 100% fun. To go you’ll have to pay $75 but everything will be cashless. Good news is that you can wear anything as long as it has the school logo on it. You also won’t be having a chaperone with you at all times.

You have to be in the top thirty, fifteen, or five for (earners of special eighth grade LiveSchool points) to get a discount on all the events. If you make it to the top five you get everything free. There’s no limit on how many students can go on the trip, so everyone who qualifies can go. 

For beginners who have never been to Six Flags, we would recommend going on “X2.” It’s fun and it goes pretty fast. But for those who want a crazier and funner ride, We would recommend “Tatsu” because you’re facing down during the ride.

Principal Edgar Flota stated that “The more flags, the more fun.” 

Flota Is right about Six Flags since it will be a fun memory, especially with all the roller coasters there and having your friends with you. For all the eighth graders that are leaving for high school, make sure to have fun and enjoy your summer vacation while you can.