Better Call Saul: the Sequel of Breaking Bad!


Better Call Saul is the sequel of the very popular TV series Breaking Bad. It first aired on  on AMC on February 8, 2015 and currently has six seasons with 57 episodes. It’s on a pause but will resume with more episodes on July 11.

The genre is crime drama, suspense, tragedy, and legal drama. You could watch the first five seasons on Netflix but the sixth season is only on AMC Plus and on other streaming services. Saul Goodman is a criminal defense attorney, but before becoming a big lawyer in the events of Breaking Bad he was just James Morgan McGill, who worked at a mailroom at his brother’s big firm.

Better Call Saul takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2002, six years prior to the events of Breaking Bad. The main character Jimmy McGill is struggling to become as good of a lawyer as his brother Chuck McGill because his brother doesn’t want him to work at his firm.  Instead, he has to go on his own to find clients and has an office at the back of a nail spa. This show is good in its ways but can’t surpass Breaking Bad. One bad thing of Better Call Saul is the pacing.

One of the reasons I choose to review Better Call Saul is because a lot of people who watched Breaking Bad think Better Call Saul isn’t a good show because it’s a sequel (really a “prequel”) and was unnecessary. I personally think it was needed because you get to see characters from Breaking Bad and get to understand who they were before the events of that show, like the Salamanca’s and other people Walter White interacted with.

David Guzman, a big fan of Breaking Bad, said “It’s a slow paced show and maybe not for everybody, but for Breaking Bad fans it’s just amazing, just a great show for everyone to watch.”

I have to agree with David that this show compared to Breaking Bad is really slow because with Breaking Bad there was more action and suspense and Better Call Saul is just the making of Saul Goodman and the challenges he faced, like getting sued by his brother and getting involved with the wrong people.

If you enjoyed Breaking Bad and are not sure if you want to watch Better Call Saul you should definitely watch it. It has the perfect suspense and the characters are very enjoyable to watch.