Sonic 2 review



Sonic and Knunckles are fighting against each other.

Sonic 2 was recently released in April. Sonic 2 is a continuation of the first Sonic movie, which was released in July of 2020. But there have been a lot of improvements in Sonic 2. 

For instance, a new character was introduced: Knuckles. And although Tails made his first minor appearance in the first Sonic movie, Tails plays a larger role in Sonic 2. 

The movie starts off with Doctor Robotnik (Eggman) observing a Sonic figure get destroyed by a machine that he created himself. He puts on a great escape plan to escape the Mushroom Planet. Robotnik is about to go through the ring, which is a portal to Earth. But Knuckles walks through and they agree on working together to get revenge on Sonic, who is back on planet Earth. Knuckles and Robotnik go back to Earth.

Sonic is unaware of who is heading his way. He becomes aware of the situation and is on his mission to find and protect the Master Emerald from getting into the wrong hands. Sonic works with his sidekick Tails.

Libne Moran, an eighth grader at Animo Jefferson Middle School, has watched Sonic 2 and said, “I thought the movie was really cool. I really enjoyed the movie.”

 Libne’s favorite character from the movie was Sonic. “I love his vibe, his personality…I would rate the movie 10 out of 10. I really loved it, and it was funny,” she said. 

Andie Mendez, also an eighth grader at AJMS, has not watched Sonic 2 yet. “I haven’t watched it yet because I haven’t had any time. I have been busy with school,” Andie said. “If I had the time, I would watch the movie though because it look cool,” she stated.

Another eighth grader at AJMS, Ayleen Aceituno, also shared her thoughts on the movie. “My favorite character is Tails. I really like Knuckles, but Tails is my favorite…He’s cute, has a good personality, he helped out Sonic…and he knows how to dance,” said Ayleen. In addition, Ayleen stated, “The movie was pretty good. I think it was very comical and I would rate it a 10 out of 10.”

If you haven’t watched Sonic 2 yet, you definitely should now.