What high school will you attend?

Many eighth grade students are graduating and moving onto high school. Here at Animo Jefferson Middle School some students are going to different schools. Choosing a high school can be hard for some students when they have certain standards.

I interviewed a few people to see what their point of view was on going to a different school now that they’ll be entering high school. 

Eighth grader Brailyn Mendoza said that, “I am going to Jackie Robinson because it’s a smaller school and has more sports.”

Eighth grader Juliana Diaz also said that, “I am going to Ralph Bunche because I have to.”

And eighth grader Virginia Cruz said, “I am going to Diego high school because its a big school and it closer to my house.”

For most students, going to Animo Ralph Bunche is the easiest and most convenient way to enter high school since it shares a building with Animo Jefferson. It has a lot of different sports. On the other hand, even if it’s the most convenient, some students are forced to go to ARB, maybe because siblings or family members have gone there before already.

So what makes these high schools interesting to students? Animo Ralph Bunche has a college-prep curriculum and 11 different sports. They also have mental health and behavioral support for all students including an on-site school psychologist and college counselors.

The same thing goes for Animo Jackie Robinson. They have the exact same types of sports and the same mental and behavioral support for their students. Both of these schools are in the same charter network,  Green Dot Public Schools.

Diego Rivera High School, which is not a part of Green Dot but is part of LAUSD, also has the same sports but in addition has track and field, a sport that is not offered at either Ralph Bunche or Jackie Robinson.

Although moving to a different school can be difficult, especially if no one you know is going, what attracts most students are the sports it has, or just how convenient and eye-catching it can be for people.

Which high school will you be attending?