Moon Knight, the three personality hero


Moon Knight is a Marvel character that has been recently introduced to the MCU. His main purpose is to serve Khonshu to defeat evil. He’s a character with three different personalities consisting of Steven Grant, Marc Spector, and Jake Lockley. Steven Grant is a gift shop merchant who is an ISFP or friendly and sensitive. Marc Spector is a mercenary and an assassin. Lastly Jake Lockley is brutal and violent and  doesn’t hold back no matter what. 

Moon Knight is an avatar of Khonshu, The Egyptian god of the moon. Their mission is to defeat Arthur Harrow from summoning Ammit, The Egyptian god of time and judgment. Ammit tries to judge the entire world to see who can live and who will die. Ammit judges your past, present and future to see if you’re a good person or not. She will also kill children to “Make the world a better place” and Khonshu doesn’t respect that idea. 

Episode one of Moon Knight starts off with the character Steven Grant, who seems all ordinary. After some time he starts blacking out and ends up in random places, which is when he hears and sees Khonshu. When he gains consciousness he has a weird item called a scarab, which is in the shape of a beetle. The scarab is needed to locate Ammit’s sarcophagus to summon her. Steven keeps blacking out and notices that he has killed people. He tries to drive away and blacks out multiple times until he wakes up at his home. 

Eighth grader William Roque likes the show.  He stateed that, “Moon Knight is my favorite Marvel Disney+ show at the moment. I like it because it’s a new tone with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it has a new feeling to it.”

Erick Ramirez, an eighth grader, stated that, “Moon Knight is a good show because it has a ton of action and it has a pretty good plot.”

Jacob Ayala, also an eighth grader, stated that, “Moon Knight is the best Marvel Disney+ show and it has really good action.It is also emotional.”

In my opinion I really like this show and think it’s really good for Marvel fans. It’s very interesting with all the personalities, you don’t expect what’s going to happen because there is almost always action happening and there are also pretty cool fight scenes. It has 6 episodes in total and can be watched on Disney+.