Why can’t all children get an education?


Shawn Harquail

Young girl out of school looking for money or food.

Many students think that schools are boring and not useful but they don’t know how lucky they are to have access to education. If you’re reading this you are probably in school or already finished school. But did you know that many kids around the world aren’t able to get an education? This is because of many reasons including the lack of government funds, the low value of education since they might have other needs, and families not being able to afford for their child to go to school.

Lack of funds is a major factor in why many children around the world can’t get an education. Since many countries have very little funds, they aren’t able to create many schools. According to Humanium, a non-governmental organization that’s dedicated to stopping the violations of children’s rights around the world, “Many emerging countries do not appropriate the financial resources necessary to create schools, provide schooling materials, nor recruit and train teachers. Funds pledged by the international community are generally not sufficient enough to allow countries to establish an education system for all children.” Because of the lack of money, there’s a lack of school making it so that not all children get an education.

Another reason why many children around the world can’t get an education is that many don’t think it’s necessary. For example, the article Factors Driving Lack of Access to Education by Keaton McCalla says, “Many times in remote areas of the world, children who belong to the indigenous population are more trained at finding food and livelihood for themselves rather than focusing on education. Due to this, they are never taught the value and importance of education.” This is saying that some children don’t get an education because in their families school isn’t important.

Additionally, the article 7 reasons why millions of children are out of school by Desiree Buitenbos supports the idea that many don’t care about their education. It says, “Lastly, some parents living in poverty may not see the long-term value of investing in education. Instead, they encourage their sons to earn a living and girls to get married early. This helps relieve financial stress.” Meaning that because many families don’t have money, they encourage their kids to get jobs or even marry someone with money instead of going to school. 

In conclusion, children around the world aren’t able to get an education because of lack of funds, low value of education, and poverty. Education is a valuable asset that everyone should have because without it people will find it hard to communicate with others, they’ll probably be social outcasts.  Life would just be harder for those without an education. Although school might not seem like a privilege to you or others, it’s a dream many kids have so don’t take it for granted.