Is Knott’s Berry Farm worth spending your money on?

Knott’s Berry Farm is a theme park located in Buena Park. It’s a place where people like to go and spend time with family and friends, and get on the attractions’ famous rides. But since Knott’s Berry Farm is such a popular place right now, many people now say it’s over rated and is not worth waiting in lines. 

Knott’s Berry Farm was opened in 1920 and was founded by Walter Knott. It’s famous for its history of how Knott’s Berry Farm first started as “Knott’s Place” which was a little marketplace where jam and berries were sold from Walter Knott’s berry farm. It’s also famous for the family restaurants, and now an entertainment park for people of all ages. It was the first theme park to open in California, according to Britannica.

Now the real question is, is Knott’s Berry Farm worth going, and spending your money on? I recently went to Knott’s Berry Farm not so long ago and it was fun, but the lines were extremely long. I was looking at waiting in line for two to three hours for a two minute ride. The parking was horrible. I showed up to the theme park not long after the gates opened, and we had to circle the parking lot twice, until another gate opened. The lines to enter the actual park were long, but went by fast after a while. Some of the rides were closed, and many were breaking down. Many people on social media (such as Tiktok) post how crowded it gets daily.

I went around my third period investigations class asking if Knott’s Berry Farm was overrated or not. More than ten people voted that it was not worth going, and only one person said it was worth it.  Student Juliana Diaz said that the theme park is ghetto since many people are now going. Diaz said that it used to be so much more peaceful before and that now it gets overcrowded. Besides that she said the rides were fun. “Silver Bullet is my favorite ride there,” she said.

The lowest admission price for Knott’s Berry Farm currently is starting at $69. The highest it will go is $99 depending on the dates you choose to go on. You can also purchase a $90 Fast Line wristband (separate from your ticket admission ticket)  that will allow you to cut the lines to avoid the wait time. 

In conclusion, I believe that Knott’s Berry Farm is overrated, but it is still a fun way to spend the day with your family. Although the lines may be really long, families can still go to the restaurants, or go to gift shops to kill time.