Cars are evolving

Cars are evolving. They are now becoming electric. Lots of car companies are trying to go electric. Let’s look at how cars have evolved.

Lamborghini started off as a tractor company and the cool part is that they still make them to this day. According to FG Insight,  it is the fastest tractor that goes 87 miles per hour. According to Car and Driver the tractor costs up to $146,000 dollars and a fact about the company is they started making tractors after World War ll out of Army surplus supplies, according to “Today I Found Out.”

Lamborghinis are from Northern Italy. That’s where the cars are manufactured. The cars get imported to different countries and many places like the United States, according to Import Marques. Lamborghinis are known for their high speeds with a V12 engine reaching up to 285 miles per hour and going from 0-60 in 6.7 seconds. also states that it turned the standard production car in to the fastest in the world. Also, Lamborghini wants to launch its first electric car sometime in the future which will be good for them and the environment. Most likely it will be a top electric car with good speed and futuristic looks.

According to Business Insider they also want to make the Lamborghini Urus electric, which is one of the popular cars from Lamborghini. It is the top selling model at the moment. Lamborghini estimates that the Urus will go electric around 2027 or 2028. They should go electric because it is good for the environment. Like Teslas, they are all electric and they have a good speed they aren’t slow. Most companies should go all electric because gas throws particles in the air that hurt the air and trees. The gas produces sulfur and mercury.


Elon Musk, founder of Tesla.

Cars have evolved to great things because they look more futuristic and need to be charged now instead of needing gas. Its crazy how Lamborghinis went from tractors to being one of the best sounding, fastest and looking cars to exist and that’s not even the coolest part – the best part is that now we are going electric so cars will no longer need gas. It will be good for the environment, like trees and animals, so in the future all cars will most likely be all electric and we will be in futuristic looking cars that look amazing and are self driving  so that’s something to look forward to in the future.