The Batman: The worlds greatest detective


The Batman is a masterpiece movie released on March 4th, 2022 by Warner Bros. and directed by Matt Reeves. Its depth and meaning is what makes it loved by so many. For example the movie takes place in Gotham City corrupted by  powerful figures or as man would say “ The rich people.” 

The main antagonist of this movie is Bruce Wayne ,played by Robert Pattinson, who is a millionaire whose parents were murdered in an alley and was raised by his butler Alfred. But the death of his parents caused him to undertake crime fighting, becoming the Batman, a hero that has never been unmasked and protects Gotham from crime.

This movie features a lot of characters from the comics such as the main antagonist The Riddler, Catwomen (Selina Kyle), Carmine Falcone, Penguin, and a mystery character that is shown in a deleted scene. 

One thing that was very interesting was The Riddler’s motives behind killing the people he did, calling them all liars and trying to get rid of what he see’s as evil in Gotham along with getting his revenge on the Wayne’s because of the hell of the orphanage which he grew up in. Thinking that the rich were having a fun time while he has to go through hell for every day of his life, he also blamed his father’s death on Thomas Wayne, the father of Bruce. 

My highlight of the movie would have to be a car chase scene that gave us a first look at the Batmobile. A car Batman made and was working on over time that is basically designed for everything, it is shown in the scene when Batman drives through an explosion and even fire while still going at top speeds in order to catch Penguin. 

In a deleted scene of the movie it showcases Batman going to talk to an inmate about who the Riddler may be. This inmate is shown to have damaged skin along with green hair and shown to laugh maniacally. Although this scene doesn’t show us much, this character could play a big part in the future of these movies.

Overall this movie is a good superhero movie and I would recommend it to anyone who likes action movies along with detective work by the world’s greatest detective. This movie lives up to all the praise and hype and I would recommend it if you are searching for a good movie.