Alison Cisneros Marcial

Joy for volleyball


Jully Cisneros

Allison having fun playing volleyball.

“The high schoolers at the volleyball team aren’t that serious about it and in this school, they are too serious for me and I just can’t, y’know. I’ve never played volleyball in my life. No, oh no. That’s a lie that’s a lie. I have played volleyball in my life. Like, a lot of times because my sister loves playing it. We just have random balls and we just play with it. I feel like it’s a fun game because you just have to keep the ball from hitting the ground and if you let it down you lose. It’s sorta like basketball. Well, not really, but it’s still the same rules. You just have to keep dribbling the basketball while you just have to keep the ball up the whole time for volleyball. I like it. I like playing it, it’s a fun game.”