“I never thought I’d make it this far”

This is Jovanni on the right telling us how he always does the best he can do accomplish his goals.

Jorge Rios

This is Jovanni on the right telling us how he always does the best he can do accomplish his goals.

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Last year Jovanni Alvarez graduated from Animo Jefferson Middle School. When he graduated he set goals to accomplish his dreams, such are him getting good grades, trying to become a cook, and never giving up.

Jovanni discussed how it was hard during eighth grade, especially in English class since he had some trouble trying to learn and do the work in that class.

Jovanni now is setting goals to do great for his future. He said  that his two older brothers always push him and tell him to do amazing work and to never give up. Jovanni is always learning and is always hard working no matter what.

Now that Jovanni is in high school I asked him if anything was hard or different in any way. He responded with, “No not much actually it’s just the work and everything is more improved and more harder.” 

Jovanni is now in ninth grade and working harder than ever since high school is four years of hard work. He wants to become a chef, own a restaurant and cook amazing food for people. 

He tries to accomplish his dreams by setting small goals such as trying to fix work when it’s due and turning it in on time. He also likes to draw and has drawn a cool mech.

Jovanni wants to set a good example to people like us to never give up and work hard to accomplish our dreams. Though some people may say it’s hard or they feel lazy, Jovanni always gets his head up and pulls himself together to do the best he can.



Jorge Rios: Hello my name is Jorge Rios and I am here with Jovanni Alvarez, so I know your in high school now.

Jovanni Alvarez: Yes.

JR: Alright so I’m gonna ask you some questions alright? Alright so first of all since your in high school now is there anything that is difficult for you?

JA: Well no nothing much actually.

JR: Ok so how is high school different to you than from middle school?

JA: Well uh, nothing really it’s just the work and everything.

JR: Yeah, so now that your in high school you do know there will be more responsibilities right-

JA: Yes.

JR: So when you’re doing work do you notice anything different or more difficult than in middle school?

JA: The only thing that is different is that everything before is now improved and harder.

JR: Yeah, so now I’m gonna ask about you not school related so, what do you like to do for fun?

JA: Hang out with friends that’s all.

JR: Hang out with friends? So when you’re with your friends what is your guy’s favorite thing to do?

JA: I guess just talk.

JR: Well what do you mean by talk like what do you guys talk about?

JA:  I guess how our classes are doing and how we are doing.

JR:  So uh let me think is there something you would like to be when you grow up like a career?

JA: Cook. I wanna be a cook I wanna be a chef.

JR: A chef, what would you like to do as a chef?

JA: Make food, good food.

JR: Like what do you mean like would you like to be a famous, own a restaurant, or just a normal chef?

JA: I wanna be in a restaurant selling good food to people.

JR: Do you have anything you would like to cook?

JA: Not really.

JR: You don’t have anything you would like to cook or for someone you want to cook for really bad?

JA: Never really thought about it like that no.

JR: Alright, once you accomplish that what other things would you like to do?

JA: Uh, I guess trying to get good grades.

JR: Yeah that’s good, uh do you have a class you would like to improve on?

JA: No not all I’d say I’m doing pretty good.

JR: Alright thats good thats nice, ok uh let’s see, after you graduate high school what are you doing after?

JA: Probably all I’ve ever wanted to do in life.

JR: Ok so did you have any hard times in middle school?

JA: Yes.

JR: Would you mind explaining?

JA: So the class I had difficult times with was in English.

JR: English yeah, and could you explain what was hard for you in English?

JA: The things that were hard, the things we had to do and the things we had to learn.

JR: Do you remember one of the assignments  that was hard for you?

JA: No not really.

JR: Alright, so after you graduated middle school what did you do on the first day of summer?

JA: Pretty good, relief.

JR: So now that you’re in high school and there will be challenges to face um so do you think it’s gonna be more different or similar to middle school?

JA: No, not that much stuff would really change to me.

JR: Uh, so is there a puzzle or something creative you like to do?

JA: Um creative?

JR: Yes

JA: It’s I guess drawing.

JR: So what is something you have drawn and you thought was really awesome?

JA: A Mech.

JR: A Mech that’s cool, uh has someone told you something you cherished and really grateful for?

JA: Uh don’t really have anything in mind.

JR: Ok so I wanna talk about your brothers well you do have brothers right?

JA: Yes.

JR: How many?

JA: Two.

JR: Two older brothers, are they older or younger?

JA: Older.

JR: So have you two older brothers ever pushed you to keep doing good work?

JA: Kind of.

JR: Explain.

JA: Well they have pushed me to do good work and what I had to learn.

JR: Ok back then did you have a good thing that you remember in elementary?

JA: All the pizza parties and all the games.

JR: Yeah I think everyone liked that man.

JR: Uh, do you have a favorite sport?

JA: No I don’t have a favorite sport in general.

JR: Ok so is there a competition you have to do in high school?

JA: Uh no.

JR: Alright well I wanna thank you for this interview-

JA: Yes.

JR: I appreciate having you here, man.