“It was the government, all the government.”

Itzel’s Theory

Itzel is smiling at the camera.

Juana Galindo

Itzel is smiling at the camera.

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Twelve-year-old Itzel Garcia is a self-proclaimed theorist and has very controversial opinions on the government.


She thinks that aliens have been involved in multiple events and that the government has been hiding it from us so that they can control us. She believes that the government will kill anyone who talks about “the truth.”


Itzel believes that the government is at a significant power privilege and most people unknowingly support that privilege. 


Itzel knows that not everyone will believe what she’s saying but that people should not fight over the theory because people should believe what they want.



James Garcia: Hi, my name is James. I am twelve-years-old. Today is September 28, 2022. I’m speaking with Itzel, who is my cousin. I’m recording this interview in Los Angeles, California.
Itzel Garcia: Hi, we’re gonna be talking about some theories that are very true. And don’t search it up, trust me. They’re true. Don’t define my information on these things. They’re very true, very true. And, first one is the Malaysian Flight 370 that disappeared a few years ago, and how it couldn’t have just disappeared like that. This isn’t a magic show and that there’s more to the story that the government is hiding from us because they don’t trust us, they think we’re not smart. They don’t want us to find out the truth that they’re keeping from us. And how, it was on a scheduled flight to leave Malaysia. I forgot where but, they were scheduled on a flight and as they were going to their destination it just went off the radar, they didn’t track it anymore, and it vanished. And there’s another theory that aliens took the plane, to just take it because they wanted some humans to play with. Like, we play with dolls. And they took that airplane because they wanted to, not really. How, there has been some released information about the flight that’s up on the internet right now. And how, it’s all connected to every theory there is. Like the aliens.
JG: Why do you believe in aliens?
IG: Because there’s more life out there than just us cause, there isn’t just us there’s more planets, galaxies, universes out there and [inaudible] has been confirmed true by NASA, search it up, science. And, like I think- Area 51! There you go, Area 51 is said to be where aliens are held and super natural spacecraft. That it’s true. Like it can be true and it is. The government isn’t just telling us because they don’t want us to know. They don’t want us to know the whole truth behind everything that ever happens. That mystery. It’s mysterious and like the aliens can also help build the pyramids because with the technology we have right now we can’t recreate the pyramids even though our civilization is said to be more advanced than before. Which can be a lie cause, aliens, they help build the pyramids while we can’t even with our technology, so aliens are more advanced than we are. And they help build the pyramids because they had connections with the Egyptians that we don’t have right now because the government is keeping it from us and if I die from talking about this, you know I’m right.
JG: Do you think aliens were ever involved in historic events?
IG: No. It was the government, all the government. They’re all planning to kill us. Kill celebrities like they did, John F. Kennedy, Princess Diana, Abraham Lincoln, I don’t know what else. The government and how they kill celebrities like Michael Jackson, there’s someone else. There’s more singers that just died from talking about the truth. Because, the government doesn’t want us to know the truth. They want to control us because, they think by controlling us, they have the power to everything, and to hide the truth from us to keep everything at “peace.” There is no peace in the world. The universal language is violence. And people always had that conversation, if you look around.
JG: Do you think the government forcefully or purposely killed all those people?
IG: Yes. They all have purposes to kill people. They want to maintain control over us, with fear, instead of peace. They could kill anybody and cover up their tracks cause like, people in the government did some horrible things and they didn’t get a reasonable sentence to the thing. Like, cause there’s this one government official, they groomed a girl, they didn’t get a reasonable sentence to that. And when anybody else does it, the same thing, they don’t get a reasonable sentence which is also a bad thing but they still get a longer sentence than the government officials. Why? Because they have connections and they can do whatever the hell they want because they have all that power and we can’t do anything about that really. We can, but we have to have the power of everybody in the world to define against them, and create a more peaceful place.
JG: Why do you think the government cares about such things?
IG: They care about such things because it’s like they’re big, it’s like big news like, if that news got out to the whole world and the reason why, to those news, then everybody would just turn against them and not like them anymore and they don’t want that. They want, they want to please us with very little things that they do. And, like it’s working, you’ve seen it work, you know it has worked, you just don’t want to face up to the fact that you followed that.
JG: Do you think more people should believe this?
IG: Yes. Like some people won’t and that’s fine because they have their own beliefs and opinions on that but like, people can like come to an agreement instead to clashing against each other then, it’s good. There’s no reason for opinions to be clashing like it’s an opinion it’s not your opinion, like, you can have any opinion but if you ask someone else for their opinion, you can’t change their opinion because it’s their opinion like, no. You can’t change it. It’s not your life, it’s their life. They get to believe whatever they want but, they can’t force people to believe it and, if they forcefully do so then, it makes them a bad guy.