“Of course, our parents have always pushed us to do our best. Why? Because they didn’t finish high school so they always want the best for us.”


Antonia Estrada

My sister’s graduation photo with one of her teachers.

My sister tells me about her struggles through high school and how she overcame them and why she didn’t give up. She also tells me not to give up because I have a lot of life ahead of me.



Alfonso Estrada: Can you state your name and age.

Presley Estrada: Yes, my name is Presley Estrada and my age is 24.

AE: My first question is has there ever been a situation that impacted your life in a positive or negative way?

PE: Yes so uhm, when I was in high school I didn’t like turning in work I didn’t like doing anything so I was considered a bad student my teacher started seeing a pattern and talking to me but I didn’t care. But there was this one teacher his name was Mr. Rajir that told me that I was a smart student I just had bad choices. I decided to change my life around he told me a little bit about his childhood and everything. So his story kinda impacted me to become a better person so I was able to go to college and get a good working job.

AE: Did this teacher, Mr. What?

PE: Mr. Rajir.

AE: Rajir impact your life as in you being able to graduate high school and did you thank him.

PE: Of course, because of him I was able to get my things straight I was able to go to classes and listen more to my teachers, turn in my work. So if I ever needed something I knew I could count on him cause he would talk to me he would give good positive vibes like he had good vibes.

AE: You’re telling me about a positive teacher that impacted you. Has there ever been a negative teacher that impacted you in a bad way?

PE: Yes there was a teacher that didn’t like me because she said I had a bad attitude.

AE: You think you still have that bad attitude?

PE: No I don’t have that bad attitude because I learned how to respect my elders. I learned to give respect to those that give respect to me.

AE: If you were to see that teacher right now in the place that you are, what would you say to her?

PE: Which teacher.

AE: The one that impacted you negatively.

PE: Uhm, nothing I would have told her thank you for the time you gave me high school but i’m doing way better now.

AE: My second question is that was there ever one person that has judged you on the way you act or the way you were?

PE: Yes, they told me that if I continued to act the way I did I wasn’t going to be no one in life I wasn’t going to get no where so eventually I started to think about my life choices and became a better person.

AE: Uh, growing up and going into high school and middle school did our parents ever push you harder between me, our brother and you did they push you the hardest?

PE: Of course, our parents have always pushed us to do our best, why because they didn’t finish high school so they always want the best for us. And well us as your siblings we the best for you we want you to be better than us. So that’s why we’re always behind you, making sure you’re getting everything done turning in your work on time.

AE: My third question would be have you has someone that has not been your relative or besides your teacher impacted you?

PE: Yes there’s a lot of friends that I have that have impacted me in a positive way and have talked to me and told me that I’m a smart person and I have a bright future ahead of me so I should start looking more into like uhm finding better jobs or going back to school in certain situations.

AE: Was there ever a friend that you knew was bad a person to hang around but you didn’t see it at the time and people were telling you?

PE: Uh, There was never a friend that I thought was a bad impact on my life or a bad impact on me or anything.

AE: Uhh, Have you ever been peered pressured in high school or middle school to do something cause of your friends?

PE: No because I knew my parents were always behind me and they always checking  up on me.

AE: Uh, in high school you have told me a lot of stories about your teachers seeing you as a good student they would also see the mad side of you did ever get mad at school to the point where you have been suspended?

PE: No, I have never gotten mad at school or at a teacher to the point I got suspended.

AE: You think everything that has impacted your life from middle school to high school impacted the person you are today.

PE: Yes, because I say things happen for a reason eventually things are put in your life in a certain point personal reason so you only know how to deal with it so that’s why it’s important to always listen to what you elders say.

AE: When you tell me to get my act straight in school because it’s one of the important parts do you say it cause experienced it to0.

PE: When I tell to get your things straight yes because eventually in life our parents are never forever so somehow we got to learn how to work on our self and know how to respond to the correct person and not always have a bad attitude

AE: Would you say that out of all three of us me, you and our brother that we have been more on the attitude side than other people?

PE: No I say that our parents have always taught us what respect was.

AE: Was there ever a point that in school you had to disrespect a teacher or staff member because they were judging you or did something to make you mad.

PE: No I always let them judge me I didn’t care.

AE: Was there anyone ever like a teacher that ever doubted you and told you to your face that you werent going to be anything.

PE: Of course there’s always teachers  that tell you that no matter what there’s always going to be a teacher but eventually you have to take that you know what I am going to be better than you.

AE: What would you say to those teachers now.

PE: Nothing i’ll just look at them and say thank you.

AE: You think those teachers were wishing bad upon you?

PE:  No teachers wish bad upon you but their mentality is different.

AE: You think there’s that one teacher that has always been supportive of you and tell you that you will make something of your life

PE: Of course all my teachers Mr.Mac Ms. Derogratis, Mr, Rougier and so and so.