“I mean psychology – I think in between married couples, is a great and fascinating thing because of the fact that you know, maybe the times people are in love, they are struggling.”


Elias Navarro

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 In 1992, Elias Navvaro was born in Los Angeles. His childhood was fun for him at least. He spent most of his childhood in Los Angeles until he moved to Tulare for a better place to live. He has four children and shares what he likes to do with them. He also explains what he learns in psychology.



Bryan Espinoza: Uh Tell me a bit about yourself.
Elias Navarro: My name is Elias Navarro. I’m 30 years old and I was born on October 1, 1992. So I was recording this video two days ago. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California where I lived most of my childhood before I ended up moving over to Tulare, California.
BE: How do you like it over there in Tulare?
EN: Uh Tulare is actually a really nice place to live. I find myself enjoying life out here more maybe because it’s more of a countryside kind of like scenery.  I’ve always been a big fan of the whole cowboy setting, milking of the cows, the racing of the chickens, the whole fresh air where everybody knows everybody, nice neighbors. You know, away from the usual city life.
BE: Do you have any kids? If so, how old are they?
EN: Yeah, I have four kids which I’m currently testing. I’m just kidding. No, I have four kids. One age is like fourteen which I have to verify, One is I think is age eight, which I have to verify, One is age four,  I don’t have to verify that one that one I know, and One that is One. That one I also don’t need to verify [inaudible].
BE: How is it to be a dad of four boys?
EN: Oh man it’s the worst I don’t recommend it. It has its ups and its downs. For the most part it’s not so bad. I guess pretty much you wake up knowing that your life can go pretty smoothly or your life can turn upside down when you know, kids drop juice on couches or what not. I mean it just it depends. I can tell you this for sure though, there’s not a boring day in my life because I don’t know what to expect everyday is something new.
BE: Do you- What do you do in your free time with your kids?
EN:  What do I do in my free time with my kids? Well like in my free time, I try to hide away from my kids. But I mean, with free time with my kids, I mean.. I guess the sky is the limit only because we share so many interests I mean we would either go to the movies, we would like watch TV, like movies, horror genre specifically because we’re very horror [inaudible] it’s like a guilty pleasure that we have. We would also watch anime cartoons like Dragon Ball Z and like Pokemon and stuff. We are very like big nerds on that kind of stuff. We can also do a bunch of board games we are very like board games like strong because I mean it’s a good way to pass the time not to mention like I feel that you know, unplugging from electronics every now and then is actually like a healthy way to kind of like have the kids interact with one another. So that way you know, we can talk about um what’s going on in life, school, etc.
BE: Do you have any hobbies that you like to do by yourself? 
EN: Hobbies I like to do by myself. For the most part… I guess- I don’t know I like to watch tv I guess. I’m not really much into sports so I don’t really do sports that much. I like going to school. You know, I just started this year so that’s fun. I actually enjoy finding myself back in school after so many years. I also like spending time with my boys. Ironically, you know, going out, I’ll be going to family gatherings, spending time with family as it is and.. Enjoying the outdoors. I like – If I have a chance to go out like hiking or like out into nature. I’m a big nature kind of guy which is you know, like I mentioned before one of the reasons I moved over to Tulare is because I like to be in the outdoors not just always inside the house. You know, so makes it feel more less like a prison [laughs].
BE: That’s nice. You mentioned that you go to school um, what are you learning in school right now?
EN: Right now at school, I’m learning psychology. I like to see social behaviorism because of the whole [inaudible]. I like to study why children think the way they do and how is it they come to certain attitudes where an adult or like a parent might see like uh a kid with an attitude or trouble [inaudible] I see a kid crying out for help. Where as someone sees like a child with autism, I see like a potential for a really amazing child you get me? The reason I started psychology so much was because of the fact that like I was very interested in why my kid would behave the way they would or like why certain kids you know, suffer from different diseases like ADHD or Autism. You know, being able to understand children more, I feel it will let us guide them into like the correct way – I mean because everybody is always cliche but um, kids are the future and you know I wanna make- I wanna put in my part into like being able to raise them properly.
BE: Do you recommend learning psychology to anybody else?


EN: Yeah, I most definitely do only because, um, it can be used to be applied- not only to troubled teens but even for like people in marriages. I mean psychology – I think in between married couples is great and fascinating thing because of the fact that you know, maybe the times people are in love  they are struggling. I mean, a lot of people [inaudible], but I don’t necessarily believe that it’s true. A lot of the times, I just feel that people forget why they fell in live in the first place and being a psychology major I can help understand how we deviated from like point A to point B and being able to reconnect some either from marriage or even help parents connect with their kids because you know, there kids are like being rebellious and disobedient like maybe the kid feels unheard or maybe the wife or the husband is feeling out of place in their own home. So I mean, psychology is a great career for anyone who I wouldn’t suggest would like to learn more about social behavior.