“I’m a really busy person who just happens to have a lot of hobbies”

Destiny De Dios is a student at California State University of LA majoring in pre-public health. She dreams of being a public health major even though she knows her dream can change later on. 

Destiny talked about what she does when she’s not in class, and side hobbies she has when she isn’t in school. She talks about her passion for arts and running along with some other hobbies. Also where she first picked up these hobbies. Destiny also talks about how she isn’t always able to have time for these hobbies and is just a busy person with a lot of hobbies. 

She then shared her biggest accomplishment in life, which was figuring out who she was as a person for when she was in middle school she was really shy and insecure and now she is much more confident and sure of herself.



Jeshuah De Dios: Hello my name is Jeshuah De Dios I’m 13, today is September 29 uhhh it’s uh Thursday and i’m going  to interview my older sister Destiny De Dios, so Destiny tell me a little bit about yourself.
Destiny De Dios: Uhm my name is Destiny Elena De Dios. I am 18 years old, I go to Cal State LA, and I am a cancer.
JD: That’s cool! Do you know what you’re majoring like what are you majoring in right now in college?
DD: Right now I’m a Pre-public health major, but once I meet the course requirements I’ll be a full public health major. 
JD: Uhm… What do you like want to be when you grow up?
DD: Uhm for right now I want to be a registered nurse but I know that in the future things can always change and that might not always be my goal a few months from now but for now that that’s my dream job but  you know it could always change.
JD: hows like life on campus like I know you don’t dorm there but like while you’re there what do you do when you’re not in class?
DD: when I’m not in class I spend most of my time in the library doing homework um sometimes studying but most of the time its just mainly all the assignments I have to complete for that week uhm or other times when i am caught up on all my work I have four hours in between all  my classes so I chooses to take the bus to little Tokyo or  a little place in downtown LA where can get some food  and then head back to campus uhm sometimes I hang out with friends or just most of the time by myself.
JD: That’s cool uhm, do you have any hobbies like outside of school?
DD: my hobbies aside from school related things are mainly artistic and somewhat athletic because uhm I really love painting and drawing mainly  traditionally and digitally I also like sculpting and making things out of clay and I enjoy just ding arts in general making things with my hands is really fun but athletic in terms of athleticism I enjoy running  like running has always been my thing I’ve played soccer but I’ve been running since i was like younger than you so i was like 11 so yeah  running is a very big part of what i like to do outside of school.
JD: how do you manage all these hobbies and which one do you find like the most enjoyable?
DD: well managing all these hobbies and going to school can be challenging because I’m a really busy person who just happens to have a lot of hobbies but yeah whenever I have time to do them I just do them i don’t really fit them into my daily schedule wish I could have more time to paint but because of school it’s not really possible uhm and as for which one is my favorite I have too many to count like between you know sports arts and crafts stuff and playing video games and just a whole bunch of other things it’s just it gets a lot but yeah I don’t have a favorite.
JD: For some of these hobbies do you like to have an inspiration or like someone who inspires you almost like an origin? What is an origin for like some of these hobbies?
DD: uhm if I think back like for art specifically you know our dad is a graphic design teacher growing up with him and I know you didn’t grow up with him as much as I did or like for the as many years as I did  in the years of when i was younger growing  up with him living with him I would always see him drawing, sketching and painting and I wanted to do that too it was just something I picked up after him uhm for all arts and crafts stuff really uhm drawing was kinda just the gateway for other hobbies I picked up on my own but uhm for the for my artistic hobbies that’s where they started from a young age, uhm in terms of lie sports I’ve only played a few sports in my life it kinda started like in elementary school when they would make us run for like mini fitness tests and just  would always look forward to running so then in middle school I  joined this program called Girls on the Run so it was like we would run 5k’s every year sometime multiple in a year um and it was a team obvious for all girls like woman empowerment, and in high school I joined an official cross country team where I became the captain of the varsity team it was really fun so yeah my love  fro running  just started when I was younger in school and that’s it.
JD: The last thing I want to ask before we wrap up the interview is what is your biggest accomplishment so far?
DD: uh I’d say my biggest accomplishment so far is just figuring out who I am as a person because when I was your age I was really shy very non sociable kid that was really lost and honestly had no idea how to  communicate with the world how to be open and how to break out of my shell but now that I’m older and uhm I’m in college I really see things in a new light so I’d say my biggest accomplishment is doing good for myself in that way like just finding myself in like I haven’t fully found myself but finding myself until now and being the person that I am today.
JD: Alright, thank you so much. I had fun interviewing you and I hope you had fun too
DD: yes..