“I was planning on football, but I don’t want a brain injury.”


My mom

Jeshuah and I on December 19, 2019, after our Christmas performance at school.

Jeshuah De Dios is an 8th grade student at Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School, and he talks about stuff he likes to do in school and out of school, like some hobbies that he enjoys doing like skateboarding or drawing.

Jeshuah also talks about stuff he likes to do in school, like SRLA as he also talks about his struggles and his likes and dislikes and how it can also be challenging for him to overcome some struggles.

But also, how he thinks SRLA will be something really important to him in the future when he gets to high school and how it can help him in the future.



Aimee Vargas: Hi my name is Aimee Vargas its October 17th and I’m here with …
Jeshauh De Dios: Jeshuah De Dios.
AV: Tell me a little bit about yourself.
JD: Walmart.com [laughs] um I’m 13, I’m a student at Animo Jefferson Charter Middle school, I like to run, and I like to draw and stuff and I’m also a Pisces.
AV: What’s your favorite thing to do after school?
JD: After school I usually go to SRLA practice like on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays. We don’t have school on Saturday but like I have practice that day. Um but yeah usually I’m in  practice it’s kind of like besides the running it’s like kind of fun just like hangout afterwards or like before but when I’m not doing that I usually hangout with friends, sometimes we go to McDonalds near here and like a corner store or something like, I don’t know something fun.
AV: What do you do in SRLA?
JD: In SRLA, well obviously it’s just practice, but besides the practice its like kind of fun because like iI don’t know like how to explain it, like its fun, like there’s time in between before and after practice we go like hangout and then just talking with the people there and the people there it’s like pretty fun.
AV: Do you think SRLA is difficult for you?
JD: Um right now, not so much because cause it’s not too challenging but sometimes it is pretty hard like when we go up a mile like this past Saturday, I wasn’t able to go to practice but the Saturday before I went up a mile too, five I believe, yeah five miles but yeah.. it’s not that challenging.
AV: Why did you join SRLA?
JD: I joined SRLA because when I was younger, I wasn’t really good at sports and when I was in the sixth grade I wasn’t really healthy or good at it either so when I got to seventh grade I wanted to try it but I wasn’t able to because I missed out in the end and then this year, I told my sister I would try it out and she supported me through that  and then that also helped.
AV: Um what other things do you like to do after school when you’re not doing SRLA?
JD : When I’m not doing SRLA I like to hang out  with friends you know just like, I don’t know um I like to hang out with friends most of the times I just go home and my friend Aimee gives me a ride but when she doesn’t give me a ride I like to hang out with friends or like walk home with like one of my friends Zeth but like when I’m not doing that I usually invite my other friend, Jay, somewhere to like go to McDonalds or something or yeah that’s it I don’t know.
AV: What are some of your hobbies you like doing not related to school?
JD: Um… I like drawing and sometimes I like to ride my skateboard and I used to roller skate, but they don’t fit me anymore.
AV: Oh okay, out of all your hobbies which one is your favorite?
JD: I don’t really have that many hobbies well I mean but I think my favorite is probably like drawing or riding my skateboard.
AV: Do you plan to be in SRLA in the future or is it just like a side hobby for you right now?
JD: In the future I do plan to use it because like um when I get to high school I could do SRLA cross country and I hope to apply for a scholarship for cross country, I mean for SRLA sorry but yeah.
AV: Do you plan to join any other sports in the future when you’re in high school or is it just gonna be like SRLA the whole time?
JD: I don’t really know but I’m pretty sure it’ll probably be like cross country and SRLA. I was planning on football, but I don’t want a brain injury. I also don’t know how to play football and I’m not good at football either.
AV: Okay uh [laughs] so do you enjoy SRLA?
JD: That’s kind of like a different question but like I don’t really know, I mean yeah obviously I enjoy SRLA because why else would I join it if I didn’t like it but from what I understand is that I do enjoy SRLA and I do think I will stay in SRLA.
AV: Do you think that when your practice ends it’s time to do the marathon since it’s like 26 miles? Do you think that when you have to end up like doing the marathon that it’s gonna be hard or challenging for you?
JD: Well if I were to just jump right into it right now then yeah, it will be challenging because I suck at like, I don’t, I’m not that good at running like five miles right now.
AV: But when you’re like when you practice all the way from 10 to the 26 miles like when you’re done with the practice do you think it’ll be hard for you!?
JD: Probably not because when I [muffled] practice it’s pretty easy like the most recent race that we’ve had is the 3k, I mean the 5k and that was pretty easy it was three miles cause it was only easy cause I had practice leading up to it but yeah…?
AV: Um so I guess apart from SRLA like what else do you enjoy about like school or like subjects or something like that.
JD: In school my favorite subject is probably um history cause I really like history and though it’s overlooked like under-looked I mean, history is actually interesting and pretty fun. I also like my investigations class because I really like to write and all that like I like writing, and presentations and interviewing but yeah um yeah that’s really it.
AV: Okay um so do you think pineapple belongs on pizza?
JD: That’s pretty random… but yes, pineapple on pizza is actually really good. I like pineapple on pizza.
AV: I don’t think it belongs but it’s whatever you like.
JD: I don’t care if you don’t like.
AV: Okay okay bye. ?