Simon Seville is a more interesting character than Alvin


Loren Javier

Simon the Chipmunk

Simon Seville is one of the three main characters from the Disney series “Alvin and the Chipmunks.” He is best known for being tall, smart, having glasses, wearing a bright blue hoodie, and being one of Jeanette Miller’s best friends in the series (also being her main love interest).

Jeanette and Simon

Although Jeanette and Simon aren’t the main characters of the series, they still get a lot of screen time. We can see how they interact and based on that we can also see how they have secret crushes on each other based on their actions with one another.

For example, on the official Alvin and the Chipmunks fandom wiki (, it says that in an episode called “secret admirer” its shown that he has a secret crush on her but is too embarrassed to tell her.

On the same site, it also tells us that in a different episode, Simon would get jealous when other characters would help Jeanette instead of him. Although it never really tells us about how Jeanette acts with Simon, we can still guess that they both care about each other deeply.

Simon’s smarts

Simon has an IQ of 154 which is only six less than Albert Einstein. He likes to use his smarts to make inventions, like a Teddy bear that can speak with the things you make it say. He first used his invention to make fun of his older brother Alvin for wearing a baseball cap ( – the YouTube video has the scene at 0:07. In most episodes, Simon can also be seen carrying a book or reading one.

Simon is a more interesting character than Alvin

I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain this one, but Simon is smart, has a good sense of humor, and has a love interest in the show who he is constantly interacting with. On the other hand, Alvin acts like a lazy five-year-old who doesn’t seem to care about his actions enough to think them through even though he knows it could get him and his brother in some trouble. Alvin Seville also has a love interest (Brittany Miller) but they are both almost always competing against each other because of both of their egos. Alvin Seville doesn’t have good razzing skills like his younger brother Simon.