How Pablo Escobar started his business and how it went down



Here Pablo was arrested because of his cocaine charges and he didn’t take it seriously, as you can see by his smile.

Have you seen the show on Netflix called Narcos? If not, basically it’s a show about a famous narco named Pablo Escobar who was a drug lord back in the 1980’s in Colombia. But the show has fictionalized most of what you’re watching. I have found more of the truth behind how Pablo Esobar started his business a,nd how it all went down.

What I have learned, according to  InSight Crime, is that Pablo was born December 1, 1949 in Rionegro, Colombia. Escobar had dropped out of college and early high school since his parents were poor.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Escobar promised himself one day that “I will not die poor” and he didn’t. During the mid 70’s Escobar started selling illegal tobacco, stealing tombstones and reselling them, and stealing cars. Then he got into the cocaine business. Around 1979 he founded El Cartel De Medellin, where he had his men and his cousin, Gustavo Gaviria, smuggled cocaine into countries and marijuana, which was illegal at the time.

According to,Escobar was making billions a week and negotiating with cops in Medellin. Literally half of the cops were his men. One day however the cops thought Escobar paid too little for his secret so they arrested Escobar and later on had his mugshot leaked. Escobar, however, was trying to get elected for president and he almost did but the mugshot ruined his reputation.

According to crime, Escobar hired a group called the M-19 to burn a congress which had all his records and evidence that proved him guilty. Afterwards Escobar bombed a plane in order to kill governors but failed, so then he was recognized as the first narco terrorist. Then Escobar tried negotiating with the former president at that time. He decided he wanted his own prison built, so that he would only serve for five years with only one charge of cocaine smuggling.

According to, Escobar had two of his men killed at the prison, which led him to escape after serving one year. More than four thousand soldiers and four helicopters had gone after him. He had disappeared for four months with no trace of him. He had a rival cartel called Cali Cartel, who was a close competitor into the cocaine business.

According to, Escobar then was heard calling his family on his radio and they hunted him down and the DEA had killed him on the roof of a house he stayed in. His family was threatened by the Cali Cartel. They said to give all the money Pablo had or they would die and so they gave the money. But Pablo still has billions buried in Colombia.