History of basketball

Basketball going through net.

Basketball going through net.

Every year during October through April, the basketball season is played. Some people are happy since their favorite team is winning, but some people are sad since their favorite team is out. Do you like basketball? Have you ever wondered why the game was created? Where was the first basketball game played? Who invented the game? There are many facts and interesting things in the history of basketball. 

One thing about the history of basketball is that according to hoophal.com it says, “James Naismith, a 30 year old P.E instructor, decided to invent a new game named basketball. The game was introduced in 1891 that was able to be played indoors and outdoors. They were also able to play in the football season and baseball season.” This is talking about who invented basketball. He was thinking about it and finally decided to make his decision to play the game indoors and outdoors.

Another thing about the history of basketball is in the website history.com, it states, “The first basketball game was played with 18 people. Nine people on each team. Instead of a regular basketball and basket, they played with a soccer ball and a peach basket attached 10 feet high on a balcony.” Since they didn’t have an official basketball and basket, they improvised. 

One last thing about the history of basketball is in wattsbasketball.com, it says, “YMCA introduced the game to the world which made the game more popular. The first game that was played around the world was a European match from Mel Rideout in Paris.” This is talking about how YMCA introduced basketball to the whole world. Mel Rideout decided to take advantage of it and make a game in Europe. 

The history of basketball has so many things people didn’t know about. Isn’t it crazy that they used a soccer ball and a peach basket?! If you liked the history of basketball, you should try to research more! There are so many more things to learn about basketball. If you have never tried basketball, I recommend that you try the sport. It can be very fun!