The effects of climate change


Michele Cooper

A forest fire cause by climate change.

Have you ever wondered about the effects of climate change? I am here to tell you about climate change and its effect on us.

First, what is climate change? Climate change is the long term shift in temperature and weather patterns from the earth. It’s the Earth’s weather and temperature problem. According to the Los Angeles Times, it states “The warmer conditions have affected water availability in the state by causing more precipitation to fall as rain instead of snow, the report says. Extreme heat events and heat waves — both of which have increased in frequency — are also leading to more heat-related illnesses and greater energy strain in order to provide cooling. Low-income communities and people with underlying health conditions are particularly at risk.” This shows that the effects of climate change are affecting water availability and is causing more heat-related illnesses.

Another effect of climate change, according to the LA Times, is that “It’s not just heat, not just water, but that they cascade and compound through the ecosystem, causing the impacts that we’re seeing.” This means that climate change is affecting the ecosystem and that is important because it can affect how we live. The ecosystem is important and we need to help out and make an attempt to make the Earth a better place.

Scientists have been speaking up for all of us about climate change. They are risking getting arrested and losing their job. These Scientists care about this planet and we should too. According to UN News, “The number of weather, climate and water extremes are increasing and will become more frequent and severe in many parts of the world as a result of climate change. ”This means that there will be more heatwaves, droughts, and forest fires.

Climate change is a serious thing and we need to help out. Speaking up about climate change’s effects helps people know about the issue and know how to help. Tell people about climate change and how it is affecting others and ourselves.Spread awareness about what is happening and help stop climate change.

Climate change will affect us in the future if we do nothing. It’s time for us to change, so that our future can be safe. Or we’ll be doomed to repeat history all over again.