Kimberly Alvarado

Why she joined SRLA and her opinion on it


Kimberly Alvarado

The finisher’s medal after the 18-mile Friendship Run.

“Something that I like about SRLA is that not only can you spend time with your friends, you can also enjoy running and get exercise. I joined SRLA because I was bored and I wanted to try something new. I also wanted to join with my friends because they said they were also bored and they said that they wanted to join SRLA and I didn’t know what that was so I just kind of joined with them.

Something that I find difficult about running is that after you’re done running your legs kind of get sore when you run a lot of miles. The longest I’ve run was 17 miles. When we ran the Ciclavia run, my legs got cramped like in the middle of the street and then my teammates came in and asked what happened but I was good after.

Some good things about joining SRLA is that once you’re done running like the marathon they’ll take you to places like Knott’s and to go eat and even like just practices the coaches would say that we could go out together as a group and go eat or go somewhere and it’s fun. I like the medals and shirts I earn because it shows like, I’m like wow I ran this many miles. Oh and after you’re done with the races they, the people who work there, the volunteers they give you like, snacks, drinks and stuff like that.

Some cons about joining SRLA is that when you have races or any practices, you run with any weather so if it’s raining, if it’s hot, if it’s super cold, you still run unless there’s thunder or anything serious. Another con is that in the races they have the 15 and 16 minute pace people so you don’t know if they’re going to be in front of you or in back of you. You don’t really know because there’s a whole bunch of people and that kinda stresses me out because if they’re behind you, I mean if you’re behind them the bus will take you home and you don’t receive a medal or a shirt, those are the only things that stress me out.

I like running with my friends because random stuff be happening and it’s funny or just like a memory. When you’re running with your friends like anything could happen so it’s fun with them because they’re funny and caring. If you join SRLA and in the practices you run its okay if in the beginning you’re in the back because like you’re barely starting and your body is not used to it so I think that with just a lot of practice and a lot of confidence then you’ll be able to run faster and meet your goal.”