Lizbeth Arroyo

assertive personality


Kimberly Santibanez

Lizbeth Arroyo at school.

Interview audio

Something people wouldn’t know about me is like myself, like how I am impressed by how I act outside and inside. I am something different inside. But outside I’m another person, I act like someone I’m not. An accomplishment I have is helping support them by giving them food. That’s an accomplishment I have. It makes me feel happy. I would like to be remembered as an emo weird girl. I don’t, but I’m one of those things, so I just act myself. I like crazy older people because like my family they play a lot, trying to wake up early is another of my accomplishments. It’s hard because I don’t usually wake up early. After all, it’s just during school a month ago, so just woke up early. Waking up early to school is one of the most important accomplishments. One time I was coming home from school, and a lady with a trimmer walked around like crazy. She was crossing the street, and then there was a dog, and then I didn’t know where to go for it, and the dog got ran over her in front of me, and the dog got ran over her in front of me, like, the car impacted the dog, and the dog was flying, and I went to go checking the dog, But like, my instinct, my instinct, doesn’t care about dogs, you know?”